Housekeeping is always in demand, and housekeepers work at both domestic and commercial environments. Housekeepers do not usually deal with the complex issues or challenges, but they have to prove themselves dedicated and dependable individuals. Employers look for nothing but just an individual who work with efficiency and dedication when they hire a housekeeper.

Housekeepers are dependable for the basic duties of cleaning bed rooms, corridors, and guest room quickly and efficiently, using the owner equipment and properties with care to avoid any damage. They are liable to notify all deficiencies and mechanical / technical issues of electric supplies to the owner / supervisor, and complete all the assigned duties on time. Their detailed duties include (but not limited to) sweeping, scrubbing, moping and polishing floors, vacuum cleaning of carpets and rugs, dusting and polishing the furniture and fittings, emptying and cleaning trash containers, cleaning wash basins, mirrors, tubs and showers, making up beds and changing linens, washing laundry, ironing cloths, and monitoring domestic repairs. However there is not a full stop for housekeeper duties anywhere.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Housekeeper Resume created using MS Word,

Housekeeper Resume

People take it complicated to write a housekeeper resume as housekeepers have generally homogeneous and repetitious duties. So making the housekeeper resume in unique way can be a great challenge to a resume writer. Be patient to take a little effort and time to write a professional housekeeper resume if you are looking for a housekeeping position. The only basic requisite for writing a housekeeper resume is the ability to describe what you did at your previous job, and what you are capable of that others are not. Just focus on proven details of previous duties, and how many rooms or houses you were cleaning. Do not make tedious list of housekeeping duties in your resume, but highlight your proficiency. Express yourself as an efficient and dependable worker who is interested about work and timely attendance. Show that you have ability to divide time for different duties to complete it promptly.

It is better to split your house cleaning abilities into two sections of skills and work experience, so that your housekeeper resume gets more length and value. Be truthful and honest to describe your abilities, so that you are assigned the duties according to your level of capacity. Usually people just go on adding long details of experience and list of skills, and they fail to make the influence that a resume should actually leave. To make an effective and interview winning resume, you should be specified and concise in writing information on result, and personal influences. You can also follow a simple tip; keep the job ad or employer specification in front of your eyes while you create resume.

To save your valuable time and effort, you can download a ready to use template of housekeeper resume from internet. After a search of few minutes, you can find a free sample of resume meeting your requirement; otherwise you may edit it according to your needs. Some websites also provide free services of resume making that can make a professional resume accurately meeting your requirement. Once you create your resume, it will be easier for you to update it timely. Just get a copy and take a print to submit to employer.

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Download Housekeeper Resume

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