Grill Cook is also called Grill Chef and they are type of chef who is specialized in preparing all kind of grilled foods. Mostly they prepare foods involving meat, but they can also cook wide variety of other foods and vegetables as well. A Grill Cook pays attention to work speed, hygiene, and the restaurant / organization they are working for to make it sure that each food item is prepared according to the restaurant’s standard and customer’s demand. Usually Grill Cook positions do not require having past experience in grilled food services or restaurants, but some employers may prefer the experienced candidates.

Sometimes, Grill Cook works exclusively on the grill stations of a standard kitchen where there are wide variety of services available for preparing food. They may also work in restaurant that specifically serves for grilled foods. They are specially trained in the art of cooking meat in order to prepare meat foods quickly meeting each customer’s accurate needs, and maintaining the grill station at the same time as well.

Some employers require a food handler certification while hiring a Grill Cook. Their duty is not just limited to grilled food; they also need to be expert in preparing breakfast foods, perform short order cooking, fried foods, and roasted vegetables to adjust with the restaurant setting they are working at. Whatever the duties and type of environment they are working in, Grill Cooks must be able to maintain safe food handling practices, and hygiene conditions required for the restaurant food standards.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Grill Cook Resume created using MS Word,

Grill Cook Resume

Whatever the career or job opportunity you are going to apply, your resume is the first step to get into the door getting interviewed. So you need to make your Grill Cook resume stand for you. For this purpose, you need to be familiar with the things that should be included and things that should be avoided in grill Cook resume.

First thing you should keep in mind is to be specific while writing your skills and experience. If you have worked on a grill station previously, you must mention it on top preference in your professional history instead of just putting the name of restaurant and duration of job. You should explain the grill experience if it was about cooking fine dining, i.e. grilling ribeyes and salmon, or flipping burgers. Additionally you can write other duties attached with that opportunity you have been performing. You can include even little but considerable details that are relevant to the specification of the employer.

In this modern age of computer, no jobs are worth without computer knowledge. Do not forget to write in your resume if you have computer knowledge. It will provide you a positive edge of your career and more opportunities of promotions. Highlight your achievement, awards, or certificates (if you have any) related to your job reserving a separate section in resume. List it in your resume if you have attended or membership of an industry relevant to your job.

Most important point that usually people ignore is make sure to keep a customized copy of resume for each employer. Do not send a photocopy of resume to each employer where it does not match with the requirement of all employers. Do not write general duties of chef in resume. You should have a good source of contact through which prospective employer can contact with you; avoid writing “cute” email address. Bad email address leaves a bad impression and many other points of a person. Use bullet points to mention skills to make it easy to skim, invest on good stationary, run spell check, and read it again and again to make it error free before you submit it. Your resume should be limited to 2 pages or fewer.

Do not apply for the job that you know you do not qualify for. It saves time of both applicant and the hiring authority.

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Download Grill Cook Resume

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