Memo Template with Blade Theme

Here is another free memo template with blade theme used to design. This memo template is perfect for spreading the news of actions or follow ups of aggressive nature.

Your memo has to be clear and concise, you can check your memo for extra working, and it can help you keep it to one page. If you have additional information, or summaries, you can attach a septet document with the memo. You have to keep the memo’s structure simple, logical, and limit paragraphs to one idea.

Here is preview of this memo template,

Memo Template with Blade Theme

Memo Writing Guidelines:

  • First paragraph of serious business memo format should contain clear statement of purpose. Keep this statement specific but informative so that the reader can get idea about the subject of memo easily. The paragraphs should have direct link with the subject line but try to explain your point of view in two to three sentences.
  • Summary paragraph is important to write, and you have to be careful while writing it as it should help the reader to understand main pints, recommendations and your point of views. Keep it short but comprehensive. Four to five sentences are enough for this section.
  • Discussion section is another important section of the serious business memo. This section gives you chance to explain main reason for which you are writing this memo. It will be the most significant and lengthy part of the memo, because it will elaborate the background for the reasons of memo writing. This section will contain supportive evidences and vital facts. Write this section in persuasive tone to detail general to specific information. This section should contain complete details so that the reader can clearly get the idea about memo.
  • Recommendation and closing section is important at the end for the convenience of reader. You can use bulleted list to highlight suggested actions for the reader.

Here is download link,

Download Memo Template with Blade Theme.

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