Employee tracking system means tracking the time and attendance of your employees through a system or any software. Employee tracking is done to ensure that you as an owner have done the right investment in that person which you have hired and is working with full loyalty; he is present on all the working days and pays full attention and time here on work. Its quite an easy task if you want to do it through any software or system, there are many software and other equipments offered by different companies so, that you can run your office in a proper schedule.

These employee tracking systems and software can help you to reduce your employee mistakes, now your employees know that they are being tracked every time and they can not leave the office before time or can not take a leave with out informing you. These systems and software are especially designed; they are mapped and developed in such a way that it also record the lunch time, breaks and much more, you just have to set it according to your own way. Many systems are designed in such a way that they need a verification card, or may be a thumb print to enter or leave the office and when ever they leave the office it automatically record the time, so one can monitor the time of leaving and coming of employees and can know their attention towards the office.

Here is preview of this Employee Tracking Template created using MS Excel,

Employee Tracking Template

Not only this but it has also some security profits such as no one can enter you office, if he is not an office member, he must have a punch card, or thumb print which should be saved in your computer record. Many of the tracking systems have their own memory, so it doesn’t needs to be connected with any computer it saves all the data in that built in memory (normally an external card) which can used as a memory stick and can be connected to any computer and the owner can check the records. One can not disturb these embedded systems having a micro controller in it which processes all the data and the manipulation. It is like a small computer designed only for the tracking, it tracks time along with the attendance, you can buy it from the market, different systems have different identification processes some record the data of the punch cards, some record the thumb prints, some retina scan and some work on the face identification system.

It is the most convenient, reliable and needed product of office, for every organization either it is a small organization or a huge organization placed all over the world one can receive all the data, from different places at a single office or at home and can monitor his employees. It is normally fitted on the entrance of the Office, sometimes on the lifts and sometimes also on the computer tables, to record the time that he has worked on computer, these systems are connected to power suppliers on computer table which will work only if the card is placed in it.

Here is download link for this Employee Tracking Template,

Download Employee Tracking Template

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