Attendance tracker almost works as an employee tracker; we can say that the employee tracker is the advanced form of the attendance tracker. An employee tracker works and tracks all the activities of every single employee, it tracks from attendance to work, the assignments schedule and everything related to that employee. Where as an attendance tracker is only limited to track attendance, however it is used in some places where an employee tracker is of no use. Such as it is used in Shopping malls where there is no need of any employee tracker, so why to choose a more costly Employee tracker when all the other extra features are of no use.

Attendance tracking can also be done on a single paper, one will come and sign that page, its easy so why to chose a costly device?  Its because one can easily cheat you through that signature tracking, one can sign the page on any others name, but when you are talking about Attendance tracker it’s the most developed device one can not enter with out showing his retina, punch card, thumb print to the device. Depending on which device you choose, there are many attendance tracking devices Retina tracking is the most advanced system now days, however barcode trackers have also been introduced. Different companies and organizations can select according to your needs.

Here is preview of this Attendance Tracking Template created using MS Excel,

Attendance Tracking Template

Attendance tracking devices are powered with a unique software which will send the information directly to your computer or the excel file which will be updated after every short interval of time. Excel is updated and shows you the updated attendance of every single employee in your office. It is widely used in developed offices and organizations of the developed countries, where people know the importance of a single working day and they know how much loss they are going to bear because of a single unscheduled leave. The advanced Attendance tracking system also records the work time, one can not leave and enter the office with out showing his identity and the tracker records all the data and time, it records every time when someone leaves or enters the office. So no one can leave the office before time, because he knows, that each and everything is being gathered and will be monitored. These embedded systems or devices can process all the records and manages the data of every single employee on other disk space, it can not mix the details and the record of any two employees with each other, A cache memory which is normally MAC memory is placed in it which keeps the data distinguished from each other and never allows it to be disturbed.

You can format the data recorded in you tracker as you have the same data on your computer now, so format the memory for tomorrow use it has a lot of memory but its better to format it every day or on every second day as it keeps the device much efficient and fast like new. It can be used in offices, organizations, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls where the entrance for employees is separate.

Here is download link for this Attendance Tracking Template,

Download Attendance Tracking Template

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