Student Grading Sheet Template

Student grading sheet is really an important document to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of students. It is an ideal way to organize and track the performance and work of students in the class. It is necessary to design a separate grade sheet for each student to track their performance in the class. Although it is difficult and time consuming to design numerous grading sheets for the students of your class but you can make your work easy by preparing a specimen for grading sheet. It will save your time and let you to easily record the name and performance of students during class tests and semester exams. It is the responsibility of class teacher to prepare grade sheet for his/her students to explain their strengths and weaknesses to their parents.

Here is preview of a free Student Grading Sheet Template created by Laura Ferrell (a professional teacher),

Student Grading Sheet Template

Tips to Prepare Student Grading Sheet

Student grading sheet should be prepared in a way to explain all issues regarding the study of students to their respective parents. It can be easy to design a student grading sheet after having a specific format and following are some tips to prepare student grading sheet:

  • In first step, you have to divide student grading sheet into different rows and columns to write the details of different headings like serial number, name of students, name of subjects, grading details, grading procedure and special comments of teachers.
  • Grading at the high school level should be done on the bases of two key components including reliability and validity. Reliability means the teachers of same school should use same pattern for grading otherwise the concerned authorities can criticize the whole pattern.
  • Your grading system should have validity as students must know and respect the different aspects of grading. This process requires proper communication with class to let the students know about the worth of tests, class work and homework. If the teacher fails to convey these measures to students then the validity problem can occur in the grading system.
  • Some schools follow supplementing grades because they feel that calculating grades from tests and homework will not give you a complete picture of student’s learning. It is necessary to consider the behavior of students with teachers and classmates, participation in class, efforts, extra-credit work and direct discussion with teachers can improve the motivation and conduct of students. So it will be good to include it in your grading sheet.
  • It will be good to write some special instructions, notes or suggestions on the back of the students grading sheet for the information of parents. Do not forget to leave some space for parents so that they can share their recommendations and reviews with your about their child or about your teaching pattern etc.
  • You have to be really very careful while preparing a student grading sheet because your error can cost the future of students because any calculation or grading error can increase their demoralization.
  • If you have deducted any score due to late submission of assignment then it is necessary for you to clearly mention it on the grading sheet to make student alert and concerned for the next time.

Here is download link of above mentioned Student Grading Sheet Template created by Laura Ferrell,

Download Student Grading Sheet Template

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