Healthy body and sound mind requires a healthy lifestyle and proper planning is required to manage your whole day routine. Usually people make different plans for weekly workout and in this regard they often join gym or get subscription of fitness journals. It is fact that people start their fitness planning with full motivation but with the passage of time the motivation level drops down. In order to maintain your motivation, you have to keep track of your upcoming goals and achieved goals. Fitness tracking is really important as it helps you to motivate yourself for further workout. It is necessary to keep track of all activities like what you did, what you felt during and after workout and your desired results.

Benefits of Fitness Tracking

Tracking your health, diet and fitness can be really helpful as you can enjoy lots of benefits on your journey to get a better lifestyle for health and fitness:


Basic benefits of logging your diet and exercise can increase your motivation level. It will help you to stay on track so that you can look back for your progress after sticking to your program for a specific period of time. If you want to lose weight then you have to keep the record of your current weight as it will help you to see your progress level. Note down your current weight before starting any fitness program and then record the progress of weight loss after fifteen days to motivate yourself for further work out.

Here is preview of a free Fitness Tracking Template that can help you track your fitness effectively,

Fitness Tracking Template


Keep your diet and exercise plan in written as it is an authentic ways instead of just cutting back healthy food items or exercise more. You have to define your goals and write them to increase your desire to achieve them. This will help you to remember your goals and you will keep working for it. It will be good to share your goals with your friends because it will make you accountable and increase your chances of success dramatically.

Carefully Plan Everything

It does not matter how much you want to lose either 10 pounds or more but you have to plan everything according to it after considering different other factors. Keep track of regular exercise, diet and metrics on regular basis so that you can confidently and conveniently reach to your goal. You can use calories calculator to know your total calories intake and burning requirements. It will be good to consult your doctor who will recommend you a diet according to your blood pressure and body status. Plan your exercise, meal and other activities to follow them on regular basis.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success in order to reach your goals with diet and exercise. You cannot get positive results overnight so consistently follow your fitness plan as the success will pave like small baby steps. Keep yourself motivated by tracking your diet, exercise and health metrics that will keep you to consistently perform your daily activities. Each healthy eating decision will grab the success closer to you.

Here is download link for this Fitness Tracking Template,

Download Fitness Tracking Template

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