Future Value of Retirement Plans

An effective Retirement Plan is essential to make your future life secure because the retirement planning is usually taken in the financial contents refers to the allocation of finances for the retirement. This usually means setting some money aside during your employment period to obtain a steady amount at the time of retirement. Basic goal of retirement plans is to get financial independence during retired life. Different financial organizations offer various valuable retirement plans so you can pick one according to your own need. It can be tricky to take decision about the calculation of retirement plan so you can make this task easy by calculating future value of retirement plan. You can also calculate the future value of retirement plan offered by your potential employer after getting important details.

Tips to Calculate Future Value of Retirement Plans

It is really easy to calculate future value of retirement plans through financial calculator but following steps will make your work easier regarding calculations:

Initially, you have to get details of your retirement plan form potential employer. Before calculating the future value of your pension, you have to ask about the annual pension benefits and benefits of retirement at early age.

It is necessary to consider following amounts to calculate future value of retirement plan:

  • Beginning Balance of Account
  • Monthly contribution
  • Years until retirement
  • Estimated annual pre-retirement yield (%)
  • Estimated annual retirement yield (%)
  • Estimated annual inflation (%)
  • Estimated annual contribution increase (%)
  • Desired future total monthly income (current dollars)
  • Estimated monthly Pension income (current dollars)
  • Years until Pension income starts
  • Pension annual increases (%)

Future Value

If your retirement plans bears no interest then the future value of your money will be less than its present value because of inflation that can affect the purchasing power of money by steadily eroding its value during time. It is not possible to estimate 100 percent accurate future value but you can get a rough estimate on the basis of inflationary forces.

Here is preview of a comprehensive template for calculating Future Value of Retirement Plans created using MS Excel,

Future Value of Retirement Plans

Calculations of Future Value

You can use financial calculate to calculate the future value of your retirement plan or can even use “Inflation-adjusted rate (IAR)” equations to perform calculation for you with valuable methods. The equation of inflation-adjusted rate is as follow:

Inflation – Adjusted Return = (1 + Return)/ (1 + Inflation Rate) – 1

Future value can be calculated with the following formula:

FV = PV . (1 + rt) (For simple interest)

FV = PV . (1 + i) t (For Computer Interest)

Retirement Planning

Steady inflation rate can reduce the value of your retirement savings so you have to investigate about interest rate before investing your money. Good interest rate will help you to increase the future value of your money. Before taking any decision, calculate the future value of your current retirement plan so that you can make any amendment on right time for your own favor.

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