SWOT Analysis Template

Being a strategic planning tool, SWOT is an efficient method to evaluate various business or project situations. SWOT actually is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Hence SWOT Analysis allows business managers to not only assess current position of their businesses but also to come up with strategies to meet up coming challenges. It is a mature framework that provide foundation for careful assessment of requirements, risks and opportunities for any kind of business no matter how big or small it is. You can also use SWOT Analysis for various purpose such as,

  • Business planning
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Development
  • Research Report

SWOT Analysis is usually done to study internal or external factors that might have some effect on the operation of business weather favorable or unfavorable. No doubt, SWOT Analysis is a technical subject and usually its detail varies from situation to situation or business to business but still there are some standard factors that can be considered during this process no matter when and where it is practiced.

SWOT Analysis – Key Elements


  • Identification of Capabilities
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Evaluate Resources, Assets and People
  • Assess Experience, Knowledge and Data
  • Assess Financial Reserves
  • Consider Marketing Reach
  • Distribution and Awareness
  • Location, geographical
  • Price, Value and Quality
  • Processes, Systems, IT, communications

  • Lack of Capabilities
  • Gap in Competitive Strengths
  • Reputation, Presence and Reach
  • Timescales, Deadlines and Pressures
  • Deficiencies in Finance
  • Cash Flow Issues or Cash Drain
  • Continuity, Supply Chain
  • effects on core activities
  • Reliability of Data, Plan and Project
  • Management Cover and Succession

  • Market Developments
  • Industry or Lifestyle Trends
  • Innovation and Technology Development
  • Global Influences
  • Market Dimensions, Horizontal, Vertical
  • Target Markets
  • Geographical Import, Export
  • Major Contracts, Tactics and Surprises
  • Business/Product Development
  • Research Work and Information
  • Partnerships, Agencies and Distributions
  • Volumes, Productions and Economies
  • Multi Influences Seasonal, Fashion

  • Political and Economic Effects
  • Legislative Effects
  • Environmental Effects
  • IT, Communication Developments
  • Competitive Intentions
  • Market Demand
  • Innovation in Technologies, Services and Ideas
  • New contracts and Partners
  • Sustaining Internal Capabilities
  • Loss of Resources
  • Obstacles to be Faced
  • Poor Management Strategies
  • Seasonal and other influences

From another point of view, it is interesting to see that two of these elements negates other two: weaknesses opposes strengths while opportunities are against threats for any business. It is almost a standard practice to apply SWOT Analysis tool to find out current position of any business and then derive proven successful strategies to guide the business for improvement.

Here is preview of a simple yet comprehensive SWOT Analysis Template,

SWOT Analysis Template

Limitations of SWOT Analysis

As we know that SWOT Analysis helps in explaining any situation to a great extent that can help management to take necessary actions for a better business, still there are a few limitations that one must keep in his mind while doing SWOT Analysis. First and the foremost is that it assumes simplified situations that can easily be covered in four basic elements (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Therefore it is not necessary that it can fit perfectly suitable for every kind of situation. Some complex situations might require more elements to be included in analysis to come up with a more accurate picture. Then how a company management can consider it accurately what they should evaluate for their business development and long-term growth?

Here is download link for this SWOT Analysis Template,

Download SWOT Analysis Template


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