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If you are working in an organization or running your own business, you must be aware of the importance of pay slips. An employee’s pay slip is used as evidence of income on so many places such as Govt. Departments, Banks, Tax and Legal Affairs etc. On some occasion, it is also used to calculate your financial benefits such as provident fund etc. A Pay Slip is usually referred to be a piece of paper issued by an employer to recognize employee;s financial compensation against the services he or she rendered for a specified period of time. A typical  play slip contains information such as employee name, unique registration number, period for payment, date of payment, allowances or deductions required by company policy.

Employees also uses their pay slips to claim same more benefits from new employer in case they are shifting their jobs. Moreover, several banks and financial institutions required pay slips to verify an individual’s income sources to sanction loans or other financial services. Hence importance of issuing an official pay slip is vital as far as employer’s point of view is concerned. They must issue such document on regular basis (monthly) to pay their staff salaries and also to keep their record correct and up to date.

Keeping in view the importance, of salary slips, here is preview of a Pay Slip Template we designed to help employer’s to quickly print professional looking payslips,

Pay Slip Template

While creating pay slips for your organization, please pay close attention to following tips and details.

Tips for Designing Pay Slips:

Here are some quick tips if you are going to design your own pay slip,

  • Please use your company’s themed color scheme to design it.
  • Place company name, logo and address information on top of pay slip (make them prominent).
  • Specify information regarding employee and the period for which he or she is going to be paid.
  • Provide tabulated space to input different allowances as per company policy
  • Provide space for day to day deductions or recover of loan installments that employee might have availed.
  • Provide space to mention tax information and/or other legal requirements enforced by the Government.
  • Finally, give ample space for at least two signatures: Prepared or Issued By and Received By (employee usually).
  • Please make sure all the input spaces must have enough width and height to accommodate possible length of digits.
  • Please make sure all the facts & figures mentioned on this slip should look prominent and easier to read.
  • Don’t use shocking colors to highlight anything on this slip as it is a serious document and must reflect your company’s serious and professional image to its reader.

Here is download link for this Pay Sip Template created using Microsoft Word,

Download Pay Slip Template

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