Product Manager Resume

If you are interested to work in a company as product manager then you have to collect important details about the position in order to design a compelling resume. A well drafted resume can increase your chances of getting hired so pay special attention while drafting a product manager resume. You have to know about specific keywords and job description of product manager to make your resume perfect. Before designing a product manager resume it is necessary to know the distinction between product manager and project manager.

Job Description of Product Manager

Product manager is responsible to oversee the whole life cycle of production. He/she is responsible to maximize the return on investment by making appropriate tweaks in the designing and pricing. Responsibilities of product manager may vary from place to place so it will be good to read the job description provided by potential employers.

Here is preview of this Sample Product Manager Resume created using Microsoft Word,

Product Manager Resume

Tips to Write Product Manager Resume

Product manager resume will help you to get positive results so carefully design your resume. Following are some tips to design an effective product manager resume:

  • Your resume should be clean and professional to get outstanding results. Prominently write your name and position for which you are going to apply to stand out in the pool of candidates.
  • Objective statement is necessary to write on the top of the paper. This should be limited to 3 to 5 sentences because no one has time to write too wordy statement. You can showcase your skills in the objective statement to increase your employment chances.
  • Select an appropriate format for your resume according to your experience or level of skills. Functional resume highlights your skills on the front page according to the job positions. Chronological resume helps you to highlight each and every position with the complete description of major duties.
  • Find out the skills related to the position of product management to highlight them in the resume. Only stick to relevant skills and avoid writing all skills because it will make your resume lengthy and ruin all efforts.
  • Divide your resume in different sections to highlight all important details. Your work experience should be written before educational qualifications because most of the employers prefer to select candidates on the basis of past experience history.
  • You can write quantifiable results in the section of professional experience. It will help you to showcase your skills in effective way to grab the attention of potential employer. You have to convince employer that you are the best candidate for the position of product manager.
  • If you have no professional experience then you can start your resume with academic qualifications or projects to have a good start. It will increase your employment chances.
  • After completing your work, edit your final draft and ensure the accuracy of all dates, spellings, grammar and other important details.

Things to Avoid

Following are some things that should be avoided while drafting product manager resume:

  • Do not make your resume too wordy because it can spoil your all efforts and finally your resume will be thrown into trash bin.
  • Avoid falsify and fake details because it will be dangerous for your future. Do not include excessive personal details such as name of your children and wife, bank card number, hobbies etc.

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Download Product Manager Resume

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