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Waitresses have great demand in the food industry because different catering service businesses and restaurants require professional but well mannered waiting staff. If you are eligible for this job then in order to get a dream job you have to design a strong waitress resume. Only a resume can help you to get an interview call therefore you have to design it carefully to provide a quick overview of your skills and qualifications. You have to share your career goals to prove your worth to your potential employer. It is necessary to know about specific industry and its requirements before designing a waitress resume because it will help you to include all important keywords in the resume.

Job Description of Waitress

Job description of waiting staff may vary from place to place but there are some common job duties that are necessary to perform for waiting staff:

Waitress is responsible to prepare tables for meals according to the requirements of customers. She has to serve different food items and drinks on the requirements of customers. Waitress is responsible to keep the food tables clean before the arrival of customers. Usually, employers prefer to hire highly trained staff members to provide banquet services.

Here is preview of this Sample Waitress Resume created using Microsoft Word,

Sample Waitress Resume

Tips to Write Waitress Resume

A well drafted waitress resume helps you a lot to get perfect job and for your help I am going to share some tips to write an effective waitress resume:

  • Carefully draft the header of waitress resume by including your full name and contact details. You have to write it before the section of career objective that should be well written in order to strengthen your chances of interview call.
  • It is necessary to portray a strong personal profile to introduce your credibility for the waitress job. If you have strong professional background then you have to include related experience before writing academic qualifications.
  • You have to play up with skills to make your resume more compelling. Carefully read the job description to find out required skills and if job description is not available then do some research to find out what kinds of skills are required by restaurants.
  • Usually food businesses require strong communication as well as presentation skills, confidence and multi-tasking skills to perform different jobs at one time. If you do not have working experience in this field then it will be good to highlight your skills to persuade potential employer.
  • Select a standard format to write an effective waitress resume because the waitress resume should be different from other resumes. You can choose semi-formal format to design your resume because it is good to highlight qualifications, skills, experience and edification of a waitress.
  • Professional references can be your plus point so does not forget to include two to three professional references. It will help the potential employer to get information about you. Do not forget to include the relation of your reference.

Personally drop your resume to specific place because it will help you to portray a good professional appearance. It will help you to get on the spot interview chance therefore make sure to dress up in professional manner before leaving your home.

Here is download link for this Sample Waitress Resume,

Download Waitress Resume

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