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Chefs have high demand in the restaurants and catering businesses because chefs are responsible to cook different food items professionally for other persons. Number of satisfied customers is only based on the quality and taste of food therefore owners of restaurants try to hire professional cook according to the theme of restaurant. If you are interested to start your career as a chef then you have to design a perfect resume to showcase your skills and abilities as a chef. Chef resume should highlight all important details including professional experience, qualifications, cooking specialties etc. You can use bullet points and short paragraphs to highlight important details of your resume. It will be good to read the job description and requirements of potential employer to design your resume accordingly.

Job Description of Chef

Although job description of chef may vary from restaurant to restaurant but some job responsibilities are common in all restaurants and food courts:

Chef is responsible to manage different kitchen activities because he/she works as in charge of everything related to kitchen. Chef has to manage kitchen staff, order and purchase required inventory and plating designs. Head chef is responsible to designate duties to all other team members. He/she is responsible to take all important decisions about the selection of menu according to the festivals.

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Sample Chef Resume

Tips to Design Chef Resume

Without an effective chef resume you cannot persuade potential employer to call you for interview. Below are some useful tips to design chef resume that will help you in the designing of your resume:

  • Initiate your resume with personal introduction such as your name and contact numbers. Write a strong objective statement to highlight your skills and achievements.
  • It will be beneficial to highlight your experience in the maintenance of kitchen chores, menu planning, supervision of staff, development of recipes, settlement of catering program and professional trainings.
  • Divide your resume in different sections such as objective summary, summary of qualifications, experiences, professional trainings etc. It will help you to highlight all important details without too many efforts.
  • Write specific kitchen management skills and accomplishments to increase chances of interview call. Summary of qualifications should be designed properly because it will help you to persuade the hiring manager.
  • You can make list of bullet points to highlight important skills. It will be good to show your innovative, imaginative and entrepreneurial skills to convince employers that you will prove really profitable for the organization.
  • Your hiring decision will be based on your culinary skills so if you have attended any professional classes to improve your culinary skills. Write the name of institutions, areas of training and dates of training.
  • It will be good to attach a cover letter with your resume to include those details that are impossible to adjust in the resume.

Things to Avoid:

  • Do not lie about anything because it will spoil the chances of your career growth. Stick to facts only because potential employers can cross check your details with your references and from market.
  • Highlight your actual but relevant skills only because excessive details can increase the length of resume and your resume will be thrown in the trash bin.

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Download Chef Resume

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