Weekly Calendar Template

There are lots of different businesses in the world that have unique strategies, daily operations and different goals and objectives however; there is one thing that is common in all kinds of business, the use of a calendar. Calendars make business professional punctual and keep them updated about any coming business event. In offices, calendars are used to store different special events like meetings, team events, social events, day to day operations and for tracking the milestones of teams including starting and ending dates of projects, launching dates of new products and some other kinds of events. A couple of decades ago, when the computer technology was not so advanced and accessible, people were compelled to use ordinary calendars, but these days, many people prefer to use personalized calendars that they can easily create using Microsoft word and outlook or using online services however, the easiest way of creating a weekly calendar for office is suing online software. The biggest advantage of creating personalized office calendars is that they can manage and create weekly calendars with the list of important tasks and events.

Here is preview of this Weekly Calendar Template created using MS Word,

Weekly Calendar Template

How to create a weekly calendar for office

Usually, weekly calendars are created to maintain the operations and events of a complete week. These calendars are easy to create and simple to organize.

  • The best time of creating a weekly calendar for office is the weekend. List all the important tasks of the week including meetings, day to day operations and any other special tasks. For getting information about different events, one can take the help of different employees of the concerning department.
  • Launch a weekly calendar by clicking the “schedule” placed on the left side, then “weekly”and then “View” the calendar will display.
  • Choose your desired month from the calendar by scrolling down to the left bottom of the calendar.
  • On your required date, double click on the cell, you will find a “Task Info” dialog box.
  • Write the relevant information about the event, operation or task in the dialog box and click “Ok”.
  • You can now simply get a print out of the calendar, but ensure you have chosen the “weekly Style” under the category of “Print style”. Before taking a print out, it is important to check its preview.
  • You can also send your created weekly calendar via email to other employees.

There are lots of styles available for getting a print out of a weekly calendar, but for office use the best printing style is self standing or spiral desk calendars. There is lots of other free software available on the internet with lots of attractive and convenient features that allow users to create some colorful and easy weekly calendars for offices. A weekly calendar for office use is a key element and can play a vital role in the success of any business as weekly calendars will make your business or office the most organized and professional one.

Here is download link for this Weekly Calendar Template,

Download Weekly Calendar Template

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