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A job sheet is a document that is usually designed by the manager, supervisor or project manager for their subordinates in order to clear their job description for effectiveness and efficiency. Job sheets comprise of all the tasks and responsibilities of a particular employee that comes under a single job position, the purpose of designing job sheets is to clarify the work schedule, responsibilities and accountabilities for an employee in order to avoid any kind of mistakes and work related errors. Job sheets are designed by planners after comprehensive planning that not only make your employee clear and efficient, but at the same time save the company or organization from big losses, resources and money as well as increase and maintain work quality, productivity and efficiency. Moreover, good job sheets save your employee from unnecessary stress and workload.

The success of an organization is hidden in the proper and accurate designing of job sheet that needs to follow a couple of important and effective steps. Some effective tips for making or designing a job sheet are as under.

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Job Sheet Template

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Be Realistic

In designing job sheet, one needs to be realistic and should try to list achievable tasks and goals within a proper period of time. This will not only make your employee relaxed but at the same time will make your designed job sheet attractive. For example, if you ask employee to handle two different clients at two different locations in a same time, it is unrealistic because nobody can do it.

List responsibilities according to the nature of job

List all the important tasks and responsibilities in the beginning of the job sheet! This will help your employee to understand the importance of a responsibility as well as you will get important tasks at the start of the day or duty timings.

Be specific

For designing job sheet show a positive attitude and try to be specific in listing each duty. Never write extra things or points about any other responsibility because this will result in confusion and your employees will never perform according to your expectations. Also list jobs or tasks that come under a single job position never mix them with other responsibilities because no one likes to do extra work.

Keep in mind the need of the job sheet

Before going to start designing job sheet, keep in mind the purpose and need of it. If you are designing it for a project then you have to list only daily tasks whereas if you have an organization or a company and you are designing job sheet for your permanent position, then it is good to create a job sheet for the whole month. Moreover, instead of print pouts, you can send your designed job sheets to your employees via email that is suitable for permanent company jobs, for project based tasks a printout is a good choice.

Review the job sheet before sending out

Once you design your job sheets, it is crucial to proofread to ensure its accuracy. This will save you from future work related blunders and will carry a positive image of you to your employees.

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