A personal trainer is a person who is employed by people to provide them good health and fitness. In modern age people are spending very busy life so they choose a way to be relaxed for some time by doing exercises.  For this purpose they employ an experienced person who guides them for exercise and some other important steps to maintain their health.

Personal trainers are working in different fitness club and Gyms. Some personal trainer open their own health clubs and some are providing their service at the trainee’s home. Actors, media people, athletes and many other people are very conscious about their health and body so they get help by the personal trainers.

A personal trainer must possess excellent communication and presentation skills to provide more satisfaction to his clients. He should be good planner to design and plan the safe and effective exercise programs for the clients. He must have knowledge of physiology and anatomy. He has to motivate the client. Fitness trainers design different types of exercise keeping in mind their health and safety issues.

Here is preview of this Personal Trainer Resume,

Personal Trainer Resume

A person who wants to apply for this job needs to prepare a resume. Here are given some very useful tips for the personal trainer resume. Resume must be prepared in very professional and impressive way. A person preparing his resume for personal trainer should go through the following points for help.

  • Write about leadership and communication skills
  • Write service orientation and motivation skills
  • Include personal training certificates with resume
  • Write that he is knowledgeable of anatomy
  • Mention related experience in this field
  • Expose ability to work many hours efficiently
  • Mention about knowledge of exercise equipments
  • Do not include any fake information or picture with resume
  • Focus on the essential requirements of the employer
  • Check the resume twice before submission to make sure a free of error resume.

Here are some personal trainer resume samples to assist the people in preparation of their own resumes. These samples will surly help them. These samples are ready-to-use, free of cost and printable.

Personal Trainer Resume

By a good looking and appealing resume one can get interview call on the spot. So, the second step is to be prepared for interview. Candidate should keep a copy of his resume with him at the time interview. May be interviewer try to make him nervous to check his capability or even sense of humor, but he needs to be very bold and confident.


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