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A Copywriter is a well qualified professional, who is responsible to prepare the words, slogans, or script in order to promote a business, person, opinion, or idea. The job of copywriting includes direct mailing marketing, taglines, sales letters, jingle lyrics, postcards, billboards, brochures, internet advertising, email advertising, white papers, catalogs, press releases, television or radio commercial scripts, and other marketing media.

Generally, the word, copywriter, is used to refer to advertising copywriters who are responsible for generating words to escort advertising visuals. He may be either employed by an agency or company on permanent basis or as a freelancer. Many copywriters work closely with the advertising team, and can even provide input about the visual rudiments. Copywriters, hired by an agency, may have to handle a wide variety of projects. However, there are a number of copywriters who are specialized and select to work with only one industry sector.

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Copywriter Resume

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a Copywriter include the following activities:

  1. Writing ads for magazines, newspapers, radio, television, cinema screens, catalogues, billboards, and displays in shops.
  2. Writing annual reports, brochures, speeches, documents, and other sales and promotional material.
  3. Discussing style, theme, and length of copy with advertiser or senior management to find out the most appropriate approach.
  4. Setting up strong relationships across departments and an understanding of client requirements, marketing strategy, the consumer experience, and operational abilities.
  5. Working closely with the graphic designer in order to design and apply the general look of the outbound consumer communications stuff and website offering. Also, deciding the main selling features by studying products or services.
  6. Assisting art directors by giving them ideas for advertising and promotion, sometimes creating names for products and the slogans that appear on the packaging and other promotional stuff.
  7. Planning and writing headlines and texting in such a way that they attract to the people almost certainly to purchase the product and then submitting copy for approval.
  8. Contributing to the overall strategy development and implementing the cart desertion consumer offering.
  9. Writing all copy to support consumer communication endeavors (solicitation, email, and website). Developing distinctive, new ideas. Making each test count.
  10. Making copy templates for continuing use in consumer communications.

Education and Courses:

A number of well established advertising agencies require a college degree. High school students who want to be a copywriter need to take not only all the writing and journalism courses they can, but also should make writing a habit. Many colleges offer majors in advertising as part of their curriculum. Other necessary specialized courses include marketing, writing, mass media, journalism, literature, and communications.

Knowledge and Skills:

A good copywriter should have fluency with the language, flair with words, strong ability to influence, and a dramatic imagination. He should have enough knowledge of designing, printing, mailing lists, postal deliveries, audio or video productions, and online marketing. A good knowledge of computers is requisite.

He should also possess the necessary skills including organizational skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, technical skills, written and verbal communication skills, and management skills. All of these skills are necessary to work with graphic designers and senior management.

Specific Instructions for writing Copywriter resume:

Keep in mind the following general instructions while writing a Copywriter resume.

  • In the body of your resume, use bullets with short sentences rather than using lengthy paragraphs.
  • Describe and highlight your strengths and briefly explain what is most important to the potential employer.
  • Highlight the needs of a Copywriter and how you best fit them.
  • Emphasize what you can do for an employer rather than what the employer can do for you.
  • Ensure to write your contact number in your resume.
  • In your resume, you need to mention the following skills:

Ability to:

–        Manage multiple projects

–        Analyze a situation quickly

–        Select relevant facts

–        Plan Product & Brand Strategy

–        Write clearly

–        Work under pressure

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