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Research associate is an academic position at academic and research institutions. The person is responsible to carry out research under the supervision of chief researcher. Research associate also known as research officer usually hold a graduate degree such as Masters of Science or doctoral degree. Different organizations require research associate according to the nature of business.

Job Description of Research Associate:

Job description of research associate helps you a lot to design a perfect research associate resume so do not ignore it and for your help I am going to share sample job description of research associate:

Research associate is responsible to plan, organize and conduct research in scientific and artistic field according to the requirements of project. The person is responsible to develop research plans according to specific projects in the different fields. Usually research associate has a team of professionals to work according to standards. It is his/her responsibility to outline all research procedures and processes. Research associate schedule different things according to method and quantity of resources such as library, archives and other sources to collect, interpret and record facts and figures. Research associate is responsible to prepare a comprehensive report on the basis of his/her finding.

Here is preview of this Research Associate Resume,

Research Associate Resume

Tips to Write Research Associate Resume:

There are some important tips that should be considered in order to tailor a compelling research associate resume:

  • Your resume should contain each and every details related to your qualifications, professional experience, achievements, field work etc. You can divide your resume in different categories to give a perfect look to your resume.
  • You can use bullet points to highlight important details such as your key achievements, awards, skills and any other detail that you want to share with potential employer.
  • Do not forget to record your personal details such as your name, contact addresses and contact numbers, email address and objective statement.
  • Professional experience is an important part of research associate resume so put special attention on it and present your data in quantifiable manner.
  • Use bullet points to state your professional experience and basic job duties to highlight everything. Strictly write relevant skills only because falsify details or irrelevant data can create problems for you only.


There are some vital points that should be considered while writing a research associate resume:

  • Potential employer often read objective statements to judge a candidate so does not forget to write a compelling objective statement that will help you to get positive opportunities.
  • Summarize your key strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments related to your personal experience. Highlight all those achievements that have special connection with the specific job.
  • Write your academic qualifications in resume because in order to apply for research associate job, you have to reveal your professional and academic qualifications.
  • Write about all training, volunteer work, seminars and projects that are related to your research associate job.


Following things should be avoided in the research associate resume otherwise you will not get the chance to meet with interview panel:

  • Too many skills, achievements and other details can cover up important details so be careful while writing your resume and write only relevant skills.
  • Do not write long stories because potential employers have not time to read your personal or professional stories.
  • Do not give any falsify details because this will ruin your personal image in front of potential employer.
  • Do not write your hobbies, material status, details of family members etc. and strictly stick to the instructions of potential employer.

Here is download for this Research Associate Resume,

Download Research Associate Resume

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