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As the name implies, the President’s award is an appreciation from the president of a country or in some cases is awarded by the prime minister for a person’s or organization’s excellent performance and achievements in different fields including education, science and technology, art, literature, film and TV, culture, dram, military, cinema, fashion, health, social work, dealership and sports. The president’s award has its own value and is usually considered as a pride and honor throughout the state as well as in the world. Usually, the award giving ceremony is held at the official residence of the president.  In every field there are some people with exceptional skills, talents and abilities and when they make certain achievements a President’s award is given to them as an appreciation of government level.

In the comparison with other awards, President’s award has an exceptional value because it is not offered on the regular or annual basis and just presented to those who have really exceptional performance, creativity or innovation in a certain field of life. Each country has their own standards and criteria for this award and a person or organization can only achieve president’s award when they meet all the requirements that are set by the country.

Free President’s Award Template

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President Award Template

The purpose of President’s Award

Each field has some really outstanding performers and for the recognition of that outstanding performers President’s award is given to them. The purpose of this award is not only the encouragement and appreciation of that individual or organization but at the same time to show respect and love towards such kind of achievement. In this regard people who are the eager of achieving the honorable award become active and a state or country becomes automatically brilliant.

Selection criteria for the President’s Award

As this award has a great value among other awards therefore the selection criteria for this award is comparatively tough. The selection criteria vary from field to field like education related award has its own standards and requirements whereas in the field of sports or business has its own requirements to meet.

  • For an educational achievement it is important for the student to show an outstanding educational record throughout his/her academic session. A student must score an average of 90 points out of 100. Along with this, the student must meet the standards of the school or institute along with other tests and exams.
  • For sports, the player must have a list of achievements on local, national and international level.
  • For an organization or a company, it is ameliorated to have a good track record in the relative field along with the list of obstacles they had faced during their achievements. Moreover, a company or organization should also clear the positive impact of their achievements over the environment and community.
  • For the category of science and technology, the selection criteria are to have an outstanding and latest innovation along with a list of benefits.
  • For individuals related to other fields like cinema, singing, art and theater etc., should have something really exceptional and excellent that they think is unique enough. Usually in these categories, the president’s award is only offered for a long time of unforgettable services.

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