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Booksellers basically purchase books from publishers or wholesalers, and sell them to customers. Their work area may be a small independent shop, or a big shop that is part of a chain. It may also be a general book collection, or a specialist book shop selling, i.e. new books only, second hand books, medical books, legal books, or books on religion. Book-selling career is idyllic choice for you if you love books.

Like other careers, booksellers also need to apply for job with resume. While writing Bookseller resume, you need to be aware of all the job responsibilities, and professional activities of a bookseller. It will make your resume more professional and appropriate to be fit in this career. Also keep in mind what can make your Bookseller resume special and stand in crowd when you apply it to an employer who has dozen of Bookseller resumes on his table already.

Bookseller career requires good general standard education including GCSEs (A-C) in English and Mathematics. Some employers may require you have a higher level qualification, like HND or degree program. Though it a very competitive career, but most important thing along with the qualification is enthusiasm about books and broad range of book reading interest.

Booksellers usually carry out and control book stock, evaluate market, and order new stock from catalogues and publishers according to the needs of shop or special demand by some customers. They serve customers directly, advice them about books, deal with money, and respond to the customer inquiries and orders. Responsibilities of bookseller also include administrative tasks at bookshop which may involve some accounting, bargain of rates from publishers, arranging deliveries, and distributing books orders to the customers or business parties. Booksellers also work closely with teaching staff of local schools, collages, and universities in case of a specialist bookshop. It may involve extra duties and working hours for a bookseller as they have to make sure the book stocks availability in required quantity and keep the stock of correct text books that meet the students’ requirements.

If you are going to apply for a specialist book shop, your resume must include qualification and experience related to that field. It will increase your chances of deliberation. Experience always gives positive edge to any career. If you have any experience in related field of specialist books, retail sales, customer service, or library, do not forget to include it in Bookseller resume. It will be of great advantage if you have good grasp of publishing and book-selling industry so that you can handle a bookshop alone and independently when needed. This knowledge along with sound business skills will be helpful for you if you open your own bookshop or in a case when the owner of bookshop sells his business to you.

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Your Bookseller resume should be able to showcase your related skills, interests, and qualities of book-selling career. You need to show that you have interest in retail, books and literature. Your good appearance is helpful for you to satisfy customers with your good customer service skills. You are fluent and comfortable at communication with customers and talk easily about books in knowledgeable and animated way. Highlight your ability to plan and organize book events, exhibitions, and stalls. Realize the employer that you are capable of selling, promoting and marketing of the bookshop products using your computer and internet skills too, as computer is the most essential part of all kind of business strategies and promotions in the modern era.

While writing a Bookseller resume, keep in mind that employer expects to see your experience in related field, so mention it all. But if you mention the unnecessary switching of careers, or attempts to do something different throughout your career history, it will definitely leave a negative impact on your potential employer. Here you need a little honest creativity to match your experience and interests with your employer’s requirement. If you have no weaknesses, obviously you are lying, but do not mention your professional weak spots and career conflicts in resume at all. Emphasize your achievements and positive attributes as a substitute, so that your employer can make a good consideration of your work enthusiasm.

You may apply for bookseller career with resume through an apprenticeship schemes available in your area, through local listings, or hearing an opportunity from a friend.

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