11+ Free Efficiency Award Certificate Templates

Download these Free Efficiency Award Certificate Templates to help design your own certificate easily. If you want to explore more options, check out our core collection of Certificate Templates.

The efficiency award certificates are being given by the organization to the competent employee for being a superb hard worker, generating revenues for the organization by his or her efforts. The efficiency award certificates are useful tonic to build a healthy competition among the employees. It encourages the competent employees and motivates the other to do well.

Designing Tips for Efficiency Award Certificate:

Organization Name:

The name of the organization comes first, after leaving a margin write the name of the organization which is going to deliver the certificate. Use large and bold font for writing the name of the organization.


Write the title of the awarding certificate. The title must be attractive and it must grab the attention at the first sight. The wording of the certificate can be:

  • Efficiency Award Certificate
  • Performance Award Certificate
  • Achievement Award Certificate

After writing the title here write the award is given by the whom, generally here comes the name of the executive of the organization, but if it is being given by someone else then write the name of that person. The words usually come here:

  • This certificate is being given by
  • The certificate is being awarded by
  • The certificate is being Presented by

Receiver/ Achiever:

In receiver write the name of the person who would receive the efficiency award certificate for the excellence in the organization or achievement for successfully meeting the organizational objects. Write complete name along its position in the organization.

Reason for giving the Award Certificate:

State the reason that why this particular employee is being awarded by the certificate. The reason could be any the wording used for the reason could be like this:

  • Outstanding performance during year
  • In honor of your achievement in sales
  • In honor of your excellence in marketing
  • For being a excellent employee during the year

Use the phrase which encourages your employee the most and motivates the other employees to do the same.

Venue and Time Period:

Write the venue where the employee performed such tasks. Here you can mention the venue of the efficiency award certificate delivering ceremony. The time period mentioning is important, write the time period during which the employee performed the task, or achieved the organizational objectives. Describe if the employee attended some special seminar or workshop. The lines which could come here:

  • On the completion of the business period from August 2011 to August 2012.
  • On the successfully completion of the workshop conducted at organization from date this to date this.
  • Excellent performance during the current business year.


The executives make their signature on the certificate to assure the performances of the employee. The certificates are uncompleted without the signing authorities. Generally one signature comes at the right bottom of the award certificate, it is of the executive of the organization, but two signatures can come over here one of the executive and one of the concerned mangers.

Technical Tips:

  • It is good to use a logo of the organization on the efficiency award certificate or any certificate.
  • Use borders to make your certificate more attractive and clear.
  • Use proper spacing while writing the title, placing the logo, making the award statement.
  • The every portion of the certificate must be distinct from other, to give a better look.

Here is preview of a sample Efficiency Award Certificate Template.

Efficiency Award Template

Here is download link for this Efficiency Award Certificate Template.

Another good looking Printable Award Certificate Template.


Award Certificate Template 02

Checkout this good looking Award Certificate Template in MS Word Format.

Award Certificate Template 03

Award Certificate Template 04

Award Certificate Template 05

Award Certificate Template 06

Award Certificate Template 07

Award Certificate Template 08



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