Auto Expense Report Template

Here is a useful Auto Expense Report Template that can easily be used to create effective expense reports for your auto expenses or your staff’s expense tracking purposes. You can specify how much mileage your automobile has traveled and what was the rate per Gallon to demand for reimbursement. Moreover, you can also specify your name, phone, designation and month for record keeping. This Auto Expense Report Template can also be used to keep track of your monthly usage and bill it to your company once in every month with all the log and record.

Now-a-days business and industries have grown to a much larger extent as compared to a few decades earlier. This growth of business and market has crossed the limits and the world has turned into a global village with the advent of various technologies. All this phenomena has gave birth to the corporate sector of industries and bigger organizations; where most official employees need to travel from one place to the other for the purpose of meetings and gatherings related to the business deals and other affairs related to the job. Not only this, but the traveling personnel can be a worker visiting a site office, reaching to the working site from the office or any such other case. For this very purpose a large number of firms provide the facility of transport to their employees; however the said transport facility has to be kept under strict control and observation by the owner or businessman, in order to avoid the misuse of the facility. For this purpose there are auto expense reports.

Here is preview of this Auto Expense Report Template,

Auto Expense Report

Auto expense reports are such type of official documents, which cover all the expense of an employee who is on an official trip. The report is type of a sheet, which includes the time of travel, date of travel, distance between the start and the destination, the mileage of the vehicle, any on route expenses like tolls or other travel related expenses and several other features related to the travelling. These are created to keep an account of the travelling expenses of the company employees and also for making sure that no sources are being misused or wasted by its employees. On the other hand, auto expense reports are also useful for the employees since they can claim any expenses from the agency or company, which were paid by them during their travel. Auto expense reports are quite easy to prepare and any vigilant employee or accountant can easily create their own auto expense reports. However these few tips might become handy while preparing such reports. These are as follows.

  • According to the modern technology, try to create an expense sheet on MS Excel. These are easy to handle, fill out and print.
  • Ask the employees to keep receipts with them, receipts like hoteling, restaurants, gas stations etc.
  • Now-a-days electronic receipts are also available which are easy to deal with, as you can directly feed them through software and they are automatically adjusted in the expense reports.
  • The employees can also present a snap shot of receipts, snap shots can be easily captured with an in built camera of a smartphone, which are very common these days.
  • Keep record of such reports in order to predict future expenses if any such visit is likely to happen. It helps a lot in planning the company budgets and also avoids issues with the employees in future.
  • And not the least, instead of making your own, you can also try out pre developed auto expense sheets easily available on several websites on the Internet. These are mostly created on MS Excel and are easy to implement.

Auto expense reports are a key to successful budget planning of your organization and book keeping of traveling allowances of your employees might save you a lot of money.

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