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Job application forms are usually the first step in applying for a job. Employment agencies and potential employers ask employees to fill a job application form even if they have submitted their resumes because as compared to resumes, job application forms are more clear and detailed. Job application forms vary by organization, firms and companies according to the preference and needs of the employer and therefore they can be as short as only a single page . Job application forms are based on several key points that are helpful for both employer and applicant. Job application forms are also considered as a key to success and therefore it is recommended for applicants to fill such form with great care. Some applicants prefer to fill application forms on the spot and in person whereas some really smart applicants take them home to fill them carefully which is really a smarter and wise step. Here are a couple of key elements from the prospective of an applicant that will help in filling it accurately.

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Job Application Form

Job application forms include a number of questions that your employer wants to know and therefore it is recommended that an applicant must read the job application form at least two times. This will help him/her in understanding all the questions and categories in accordance.

  • The most important element of a job application form is the job description. In this section of the form employer has made a number of questions about skills, qualification, communication skills, duties and accomplishments. An applicant must write all his/her skills and accomplishments in accordance with the job position for which he/she is applying. This will help you in writing to the point and in regard with the expectations of the employer.
  • Try to use percentage and numbers to convey your abilities and skills. For example if your employer asked that how efficiently you can perform such tasks, it is good to write that on the basis of my abilities, skills and education I can show 85% or 90% efficiency.
  • In job application form, additional to the experience section, employers also ask you to write reasons for leaving previous job. Never write insulting words to your previous job firm or boss, always try to write the reason of leaving job in good words with personal reasons.
  • The application form is usually written in action words and therefore it is important to fill it with action words like managed, consider, assign, developed, administered etc. action words will give a more professional and decent look to your application form and will help in impressing the employer.
  • On the application form, there are questions about criminal record, marital status, nationality, religion and even casts of the applicant asked by the employer. The applicant should provide true information as many of us ignore the section that usually becomes the reason of rejection.
  • Avoid writing too much information about yourself and try to stay to the point. Review the entire application form carefully to avoid mistakes.

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