Home Improvement Record List

During your residence period at your home, it is necessary to perform some home improvements because it really helps you to increase the value of your house and you can get good amount on its sale. It is important part of home ownership to prepare your house in advance for eventual sale. Home improvements are necessary in order to keep your house in good condition. It will increase your capital gains on the sale of your house. You can check the IRS to know about important improvements that will add the value of your house and prolong its life. For instance, if you add a room in your ground floor or basement with all amenities or add additional bathroom or bedroom in your house then it will surely increase the value of your house. Home improvement can be of different kinds such as you have increased the number of rooms or repaired any damage of your house.

Here is preview of a sample Home Improvement Record List Template,

Home Improvement Record List

You have to keep proper record of all costs that are being spent on home improvements. It will help you to estimate actual price of your house in your own favor. Following are some activities that you have to perform to increase the value of your house:

  • Improvements in the house.
  • Additions (rooms, floors, bathrooms etc.)
  • Special assessments for local improvements.
  • Payments spend after casualty to re-establish damaged property.

Important Home Improvements

Following are some important home improvements that are necessary to done during the course of your stay and you have to keep proper record of all these improvements:

Additions to House

Heating and Air Conditioning

Bedroom on Any Floor Heating system
Bathroom in Any room or Backyard Central air conditioning
Deck, Garage, Porch, Patio Furnace

Lawn & Grounds

Central humidifier
Landscaping, Pavement and Railing Filtration system
Retaining Partition


Sprinkler System Septic system
Swimming Pool Water heater


Interior Improvements

Storm windows, doors Built-in appliances
New roof Kitchen modernization
Central vacuum Flooring and Wall-to-wall carpeting
Wiring upgrades


Satellite dish Attic, Walls, floor
Security system Pipes, duct work


Above mentioned table have sample activities that are necessary to keep your home in good condition. You can prepare your schedule according to your home improvement needs.

You can get home equity loans to conveniently bear all home improvement expenses. It is necessary to keep the record of home improvements to prove that your home completely adjusted as per given standards. It will help you to get all these expenses from the buyer. You can prepare a proper schedule in form of table to record everything in detail. You can keep date wise details with total amount spend on each home improvement. It will serve as a proof of your all efforts that you have done to maintain your property during your stay.

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