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Should you need to display or send your products information to some customer or Govt. Department then this Product Data Sheet can help you to do it easily. It is a comprehensive data sheet to list down each and every important information. Also make sure it looks professional from every point as well. This data sheet template is created using MS Word so that anyone can easily use it and also make it work even if it requires little or more modifications. In this Sheet Template, you can describe details of your product, its applications and technical specifications.

A data sheet helps an individual, in making the right decision about the product of interest. An individual goes through the product data sheet, and decides whether the product they have selected fulfills their requirements or not. If the data on the product data sheet shows the desired result that is being expected by the individual, then the product is added to the selling process. A data sheet simply lists out the features of the product(s), including all technical details. It also explains the individuals about each detail of the product in an understandable language. It is basically a list of advantages, the buyer will benefit from after buying and using the product. Before you go and buy any product, go through the data sheet.

What must a Product data Sheet Contains?

Any good product data sheet will include even the most minor feature, as it can make a difference to the buyer. You can show the feature in graphical way, with an explanation which serves as a huge value addition to the product.  The idea is to layout the data sheet in such a way, that the graphics and the content are presented neatly. It must be divided into sections, without any overlapping of information. As the graphics and explanation changes position, each side should be easily understandable.

Here is preview of this Product Data Sheet,

Product Data Sheet

Product data Sheet Template Guidelines

It is all dependent on the products features. The data sheet have several sections, including subheadings that describe the characteristics of that product separately. The main components include the product introduction which should be strictly about the product. Next you can list how the user can excel by using the product. After that, include the working process of the product. It has to explain the outline of the product, technical aspects and benefits that interest the product buyers.

Next are the performance measurement factors of the product. Under this heading, the benchmarks are listed out to measure the products performance. You can compare them with other products of the same or related category in order to have a much appropriate evaluation of the product. You can list down a number of reasons, on how this product will benefit the user. Then there is the legal and safe use of the product in which you list down all the legal and safety aspects of that product.

The comes the cost-effectiveness of the product in hand. This is a very important aspect, as this factor alone can sometimes force the individual to decide whether to buy the product or not.  After that you have to list down the disadvantages, if any. To make this into an advantage, list down the disadvantages, but add solutions to how the user can overcome them. Finally, list down the points focusing on how the user can save money using this product. The buyers love to read about how they can earn back the money they are paying.

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