Purchase Order Template

A purchase order is an official document issued by the buyer to the seller in accordance to get the required items and services with some specific quality and quantity. It is considered as the standard to transfer the ordering comprehensive information to the seller or vendor. The buyer’s prices are mentioned in it. It is like a business offer to the seller by the buyer. If it is accepted then it is changed to an agreement. The purchase order is used to keep the track record of the orders placed and comparing the products received from invoice.

Here is a good quality Purchase Order Template,

Purchase Order Template

Following are some key points for making the purchase order.

  • Purchase Order Date: Here put the date on which the order was placed.
  • Purchase Order Number: It refers to a specific number of the purchase order.
  • Required Delivery Date: Mention the date here on which the items or products are required.
  • Supplier/Vendor Name & Address: Write the complete supplier name and proper address. This may include some specific seller ID.
  • Ship to Address: write the address here on which you want to receive the items/ products. If you want to receive it on several locations then mention it clearly.
  • Bill to Address: Write the billing address where you want to get the bill. If it is different from the “ship to address”.
  • Placing an Order: Once you have given a Purchase order to the vendor doesn’t place it immediately until unless the vendor approves it that they will provide those items to or your company.
  • Tax Exempt Status: if your organization is having tax exempts status. Then do mention it in the purchase order.
  • Payment Terms: Here you mention the way of payments to the seller. The rules are also described here about the freight of the items which could be the freight of delivering the item to the buyer. It is also discussed here if any of the item is damaged or expire then who is going to pay for it.
  • Packing Instructions: Here place your requirements about the items you want to be packed in some specific way.
  • Unit Pricing: Place the unit price of the items required. This gives a clear cut sense to the seller about your mentioned price.
  • Main Body of Purchase Order: In the main body part of the Purchase order describe the items in an accurate way; declare all the required requirements, in terms of shape, size, quantity and quality. Try to provide complete information about the items required. Give clear description about the every single item included in the Purchase order.
  • Warranties of Items: The warranties of the required items are mentioned here, the buyer mention the date that the provided items should be having the warranties form this to that date.
  • Contract Termination: The period or session in between which the buyer will keep on buying the products from the seller, and after that session there would not be any transaction among them.

Here is download link for this Purchase Order Template,

Download Purchase Order Template

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