Vacation Request Form

Vacations are ameliorated parts of an employee’s work schedule and it never takes long time when your employee feels a need of getting a break from work. Summer and the last two months of a year are thought as best times for vacations and usually employees decide to take breaks from work during this period. It is good to apply for vacations in a good manner and in a formal way, as this will increase the chance of approval of your vacation request. Whenever you decide to apply for vacation, ensure that your chosen time is not always the same as the previous year. Before going to write a vacation request form or application decide the number of vacations and try to submit your application a week ago from your desired date.

Here is preview of this Vacation Request Form that is created using MS Word and can help you to get started with it.

Vacation Request Form

Here is download link for this Vacation Request Form,

Download Vacation Request Form

Key elements of a vacation request form

There are no hard and fast rules of writing a vacation request application or form, however, following are a couple of points that can increase the chance of approval of your request. Your vacation request letter can vary with the purpose of your vacations and in this regard the chances of approval also can vary. In other words, the approval of your vacation request letter is dependent on the purpose of the vacations or on the situations and the workload of the organization.

  • Cleary state that you have an understanding of the company’s policy and current workload as well as ensure that before leaving you will complete all the assigned tasks in a good way.
  • If there is any specific and genuine reason of getting vacations like your wedding, religious event, or any other important task so it is good to mention it as this will enhance your image in the eyes of the management.
  • Always use action words as this will show your understanding of the professional world and your grip over writing a formal letter. So use words like consider, appreciate, arrangements, assistance etc.
  • Always try to type your request letter instead of handwriting.
  • Keep your letter in two parts, in first part write about your request and ensure that you will complete your responsibilities and in the second part write a thankful note to your management and emphasize to consider your request.
  • Use standard forms or the forms that are common in your organization or you can simply download vacation form from the internet.
  • Don’t forget to write the date, your full name and designation in the start of the request letter.
  • Use electronic forms and sending methods for quick and accurate access to your management.
  • Submit your form for a week before your desired vacation starting date as sometimes due to workload or sending medium the request letters take some time in processing and approval.

Though vacation request letters are common in every organization however, if you take a few corrective steps you will definitely get approval for vacations from your management. Always try to write to the point and avoid lengthy request letters as they then bring a feeling of boredom.

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