Merit Certificate Template

The Merit certificate is a certificate that is being given by some organization to some employee or some one, on the completion of a session or some event. The organization can be any company having employees. It can be any school, college, university or any NGO’s. The school, university certificates are usually given at the end of the sessions to the students. The certificates of the organization are also given to the employees at the end of some business session. It can also be given during the business session on the demand of some employee for some productive use.

Here is preview of this Merit Certificate Template,

Merit Certificate Template

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Download Merit Certificate Template

Designing the Merit Certificate:

  • Name of the Organization: Name of organization is placed at the very beginning of the certificate with large and bold font. The name of the organization should be clearly visible and very distinct from the rest of certificate. The font color and style should be different from the rest of the certificate.
  • Left side of Certificate: The left side of the certificate contains a reference number or a serial number and the position of it is left top of the certificate. The use of serial and reference number is optional.
  • Logo: The logo of the organizations is placed at the right top of the certificate. The use of logo is also optional, but its use makes the certificate more authorized and attractive as well. It is preferred to use the logo.
  • Opening Heading: The opening heading always keep the wording              “Merit Certificate”. This can’t be changed and neither here can come any thing else.
  • Name with Father Name of the Certificate holder: Here use the name along father name of the person to whom the certificate is going to be given.
  • Reason for giving Certificate: Here give brief information about the person that why he/she is being awarded this certificate. Tell about the achievement and position of the certificate holder in that session. Point out the distinction if any made by the certificate holder.
  • Event Information: In event information give the information of the event occurred, write where it took place and mention the date of the event.

In case of School and Universities write the course information staring date and completion dates.

  • Signature of the Higher Authorities: In case of some organization the signature of Chief operating officer or managing director comes here. In case of school, college and universities the signature of principal and head of department comes here. The position of signature is the left bottom of the certificate.
  • Signature of Concerned Manager: The signature of the concerned manager can be the manager under whose supervision the employee is working in case of some organization, but in case of school, colleges and universities the signature could be of concerned supervisor or concerned teacher. The placement of the signature is made at the right bottom of the certificate.

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