Past Due Notice Template

Do you have customers not paying their balance on due dates? You have to send them Past Due Notices officially to seriously remind them about this debit so that they can take necessary steps to pay it. Here is one such Past Due Notice Template that can help you in creating such Past Due Notices. This Past Due Notice Template allows you to specify customer account number as well as detail of invoices or purchase orders against what payment is past due on their end. This reminder template also allows you to specify history of past notices sent on different dates.

Past due notice is an important part of the contractual relationship such as landlord and tenant or customers of an organization. Landlord usually allows tenant to use his/her property and receive fixed amount of rent for this. The landlord has right to take action for the recovery of property if the tenant fails to pay amount of rent. Landlord is liable to send three days vacant notice to tenant to either pay the rent or vacant the property. It is an unfortunate part for time for any landlord to kick away any tenant from the property. It is time consuming and expensive task but you can save your time and money by sending past due notice on right time. These notices are used to send anyone who is liable to pay your money for certain product or service.        

Here is preview of this Past Due Notice Template,

Past Due Notice Template

Past due notice is written as a reminder to customer for the due payment of certain products and services. This notice can be of both types either product oriented or service oriented. Each type of notice is written to collect accounts receivable from customers. You have to write this letter in polite tone because any harsh word can make your customer angry with you. These types of notices are used in the sales and purchase process therefore these are equally important for customers and suppliers.

General Guidelines to Write Past Due Notice

Past due notice is an important notice to collect due amounts from customers so it should be designed carefully and following are some general guidelines to write past due notice:

  • Start your letter with current date in the left margin at the top of the page. Write your name, contact number and address on the succeeding lines below the date. Write name, address and phone number of customers respectively. Write the salutation followed by the name of the customer after writing contact details.
  • Commence the body of your letter notifying the purchase of goods or services from your company with date and time of purchase. Write name of your business and price of the products or services.
  • In the next paragraph, it is time to write details about the products with the terms and conditions regarding payments. Write about grace period and total due amount till date. Use polite tone to request customers for the payment. You can give a deadline to customer also with some potential actions to be taken in case of nonpayment.
  • If you are writing payment due notice for the tenant then 30 to 60 days should be given on the basis of your reason of notice. Unpaid rent is the common reason that can make a landlord to take strict actions against tenants. Write complete details about your agreement and provisions for the nonpayment of rent.
  • Conclude your past due notice on a good note to maintain good relationships with your customers. Do not try to use harsh language or words because a one angry customer can take numerous customers away from you.

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