School Attendance Sheet Template

Here is a comprehensive School Attendance Sheet that can help any teacher or supervisor to record student’s attendance on weekly basis. It allows you to record attendance for up to 7 weeks (1 week of previous month and 1 week of up coming month) to help you back track and monitor student attendance effectively. Taking student attendance is the fundamental task performed in any school of educational institute. Usually more than 80% attendance is required by the student to help get promoted to next grade or level however it may differ from school to school. A Roll-call system is usually adopted by the teachers to call names or roll numbers of each and every student and then get confirmation as if he or she is present or not. Then a tick mark is required in the corresponding cell in this sheet to mark the student accordingly (present or absent).

Here is preview of this School Attendance Sheet,

Attendance Sheet

Tips for Using Attendance Sheets,

  • Make sure you have all the student names in this list before you get a print out of this.
  • Make sure you have enough width on each cell/column to tick mark or put P or A against every student.
  • Make sure you are putting your attendance marks in the correct column. Better to put date above the Column when starting.
  • Double check absent students as you might have mistakenly marked them.

Here is download link for this School Attendance Sheet Template,

Download Attendance Sheet Template

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