Weekly Cash Flow Template

Cash flow is one of the important financial statements that are designed to determine the financial health of an organization. It does not matter either you have small business organization or large but in order to keep your business at peak it is necessary to keep track of cash flows of your business. It will help you to manage cash inflow and cash outflow. Cash flow document usually list all cash inflows and cash outflows during a certain accounting period. Usually cash flow statement is prepared on monthly or weekly basis but if you want to maintain a perfect system then you have to design weekly cash flow document. Annual cash flow statement is an important requirement of each business but if you are running a small business then you are advised to design weekly cash flow statement to maintain proper cash flow. Here is preview of this Weekly Cash Flower Template,

Weekly Cash Flow Template

Basic Sections of Cash Flow Statement

Cash flow statement can consist of a single page or multiple pages depending on the time period of reporting. Page count varies according to the business of each organization. Usually cash flow document is broken down into three main sections including:

  • Cash flows from operating activities.
  • Cash flows from investing activities.
  • Cash flows from financing activities.

Methods to Prepare Cash Flow Document

Basically two methods are used to prepare cash flow statement including direct method and indirect method.

Direct Method

As its name reflects, it is straightforward method used to report sources and uses of cash and cash equivalents. It is simple method to analyze cash and bank accounts.

Indirect Method

Indirect method to prepare cash flow statement deals with income accounts, expense accounts and working capital.

Both methods used different procedures but generate same results by calculating total operating activities of a business. Lots of companies in United States prefer to use indirect method of prepare weekly cash flow statement. If it is your first experience and you are going to start a small business then you should opt for direct method to calculate cash flow amounts because you have few items at that moment. If you want to design a comprehensive cash flow statement then you have to collect all important as well as relevant documents and record to prepare weekly cash flow statement. Your general ledger can help you a lot in your preparation.

Analyze Your Cash Inflows and Outflows and Prepare a Final Statement

  • Analyze your document to find out how many sources of cash or cash equivalents you have. This can be sales, prepaid receivables, cash interest on the sales of asset or stocks etc. This will help you to find out your cash inflows.
  • You have to pay money to buy inventory and office supplies and to pay wages, taxes as well as rent. Record all those expenses and finally you will get total amount of outflows for one week.
  • After getting information about all things you can organize them at one place in order to design weekly cash flow document. You can arrange all information in tabular format and get a final amount after adding and subtracting figures as per requirements.

Here is download link for this Weekly Cash Flow Template,

Download Weekly Cash Flow Template

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