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Permission slip is frequently used in the different schools of United States to take special permission from parents to get their students to field trips. Schools often take their students of various ages to field trip during school year. It is necessary to take permission of parents before going to field trip and this is often done through permission slips on which parents signatures are required. Permission slips are important because it provide an opportunity to parents to give important details about the health of students before going to field trip. This document ensures that school is not taking students against the wishes of parents. After planning field trips, these slips are sent to the homes with students to get authorization from parents. Through this slip, parents allowed their children to travel under the auspices of school. Here is preview of this Trip Permission Slip Template,

School Trip Permission Slip Template

It is necessary to design this slip carefully to aware parents about all activities of kids and possible risks associated with this travel. Wrongly drafter permission slip can cause problems for schools in case of any injury during an event. Permission slip is required by law in different schools in order to avoid any future conflicts or any legal charge from parents. In some areas this law is related to minors only and this slip is given to the parents or legal guardians of the minor students. Information on this slip varies from place to place but usually it should include name of student, location for field tip and emergency contact information. In fact permission slip is necessary for the safety of students, parents, schools and teachers.

With the help of permission slip, parents get informed about recent activities of school and their kids. Taking students to field trip or any other event can create some problems for teachers and school because they are unaware about any medical history or psychological problems of students. By sending permission slip to parents you get an opportunity to know about these problems and in any sudden situation you can treat students in better way. Through this slip, you can save yourself from any legal procedure in case of any accident with students. It is good to provide special place for medical discussion on the permission slip so that parents can discuss any problem with you and you will come to know about the treatments of students.

Permission slips make it easy to take decision about taking students to trip because after getting permission slips signed and commented by parents you can drop any students that is not physically or mentally fit for this trip. Some schools give this right to their adult students to sign their own permission slips because law give them right to take their own decisions but other schools still require signature of parents or legal guardian before taking students anywhere.

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Download Trip Permission Slip Template

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