Attendance Sheet Template

Attendance is one of the most important parts of regular classroom life at all grades. Instructors typically take attendance at the beginning of each lecture and mark down each student as present or absent. Attendance is really important for students as it often becomes an important part of student’s grades and by keeping record of each student the teachers present a report to parents about the attendance of the child in class. It is the responsibility of teachers to inform parents in case the students are absent from class for the long time. Attendance sheet of students is an important and official document and it is taken seriously because of its importance. It is the responsibility of school management to manage the overall attendance record of students. Class room teachers prepare a special attendance sheet to keep the attendance track of all students.  Here is preview of Attendance Sheet Template,

Attendance Sheet Template

Guidelines for Attendance Sheet

Attendance sheet used in schools can be written easily in few simple steps and for your convenience I am going to share some important guidelines for attendance sheet in schools:

  • In first step you have to take print out of an attendance sheet if you have already prepare it but if it is your first experience then you can download attendance sheet template from Microsoft Word to make your work easy.
  • After getting attendance sheet, write your name, number of grade or class room and the name of course you teach to students at the top of the page. It will help other individuals who are responsible to record the attendance in system to identify each class and subject separately.
  • You will get different wide and narrow rows as well as column on attendance sheet so enter contents as per their requirements. Enter the name of students in the wide column that is located on the farthest left of the page. Use alphabetical order from top to write name of students. Write last name of student in first place followed by comma and then write his/her first name. For instance, if the name of student is “Rose Marry” then you have to write “Marry, Rose.”
  • Write date with month and year for which you are taking attendance. You can write date numbers from 1 to 31 in small boxes that usually run across the top of the sheet.
  • For your convenience you can write initials for each day of the week over the top of each date. Sometimes boxes are available over the dates so you can write initials in the boxes or in case boxes are not available then write initials just at the top of the each date. This will make it much easier to find record of right date and day.
  • Record attendance by calling name of each student and check mark or use “P” in front of right date for the present students and use an x or “A” for absent students under the date box adjacent to the name of each student. You can also leave empty boxes for those students who are absent to get simpler visualization.

Here is download link,

Download Attendance Sheet Template

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