Job Estimate Template

Job Estimate Template can be used to prepare an estimate for a given task or job. This is very important for services based industry as people require job estimates before they can actually hire someone to do the task. This gives them a sight of how much it is going to cost them to complete their task. This comprehensive word template is created using MS Word so that anyone can easily use it and tailor it as per situation and demand. This Estimate Template allows its user to input Customer Name and Address information on the top of the document while specifying Job Description and other details just below it.

It is important to prepare a cost estimate before starting any important job to know about expected expenses and revenues. Job estimate will help you to understand either your project is covering all expected costs or not. Without considering complexity and the size of project you cannot have perfect job estimate. It is important to complete it before time in order to bid a potential job. It is really easy to prepare a job estimate after exactly knowing your products and services required for the completion of a job. Job estimate prove really helpful for the successful completion of your project so it is essential to have this estimate prior time.

When to Write Job Estimate?

If you have planned to land for a creative project then it is essential for you to estimate the total cost of this project before landing for it and this can be easily done via job estimate. It will help you to know about the scope of work, hourly rate and the required materials for the completion of job. After designing job estimate for once, you can use it as template for future estimations because this will make your work easy and less complicated.

Here is preview of this Job Estimate Template,

Job Estimate Template

General Guidelines to Write Job Estimate

Job estimate is an important document that helps you to learn either a project is suitable for you or not and following are some general guidelines that will help you to write a perfect job estimate:

  • If you are going to visit a site for job estimation then do not forget to take tape measure with you to have accurate estimate. If the estimation can be possible without your visit such as tax calculations then it will be good to estimate your total time require for the completion of job.
  • In order to estimate required materials for the job, you have to know about the costs of materials accurately. Personally visit material suppliers or local stores and carry important products with you to get accurate prices.
  • Commence your job estimate by writing the name, address and phone number of your company at the top of the page. After this information you have to write the details of specific person for whom you are preparing job estimate.
  • Write “Job Estimate” in capital letters on the center of your page followed by the word job description where you will enter concise and comprehensive description of your job. You have to prepare some columns for different headings like Item, Quantity, Price and Total.
  • Carefully list details of each item you are estimating and add dollar amounts in the total column. After all calculations, you will get a grand total to know about the accurate amount required for the completion of job.
  • Do not forget to include a short paragraph at the bottom of your job estimate to state a signature line for the company for which you are providing services. For instance, “This is an estimate for the goods and services for the ABC project, subject to the conditions given below”. In the conditions, you can write important terms, costs and rates.

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Download Job Estimate Template

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