Product Invoice Template

Here is a useful Product Invoice Template that can be used to bill your clients for the products/items they have purchased from you. This is a generic purpose invoice template created using MS Word so that anyone can easily use it and make it fit for any industry they work for. You just need to customize it like replacing the temporary logo with your own business logo and contact details. This template allows you to mention salesperson as well along with FOB Point and cross reference to Purchase Order issued by the company or senior management.

Business has evolved from barter system to the online business hubs of the modern day over a vast period of time. In this time, the business system passed through many progressive phases and now we have this modern business world. Various techniques and inventions led the business to its present form and a large number of components came in within this time. An invoice is also a link of that chain and is a very important component of modern day business. An invoice is sort of a proof of a business deal, buying or selling of products between two parties. A product invoice also refers to such statement.

A product invoice is more generally in use, in small scale shops of any sort, related to any category of goods from modern day use, like grocery, eatables, housing, clothing and any other such form. These invoices also find their place in medium to large scale shopping malls as well, where you go and purchase a number of items at a time. An invoice not only proves the buying and selling, but it also keeps a record of the deal and the money spent so as to help plan in future.

Here is preview of this Product Invoice Template followed by a link to download it in Zip format.

Product Invoice Template

In the present days, innumerable types of product invoices can be seen in use; ranging from simple hand written invoice on plain paper, to the automatically bar code generated invoices. Other types include, printed invoices, which require writing of product later, computer generated invoices, which are typed and printed by the computer operator at a store etc. Small business owners, who have a very low profit margin prefer hand written product invoices, as they cannot afford computer or bar code generated invoices as they are a little too expensive. On the other hand, a medium to large scale business owner prefers automatically generated invoices, as they save time and are more precise in the calculations and hence lower the time wastage and errors in calculation. There are very low to no chances of mistakes in such invoices.

A general product invoice is printed or written on a plain paper, more preferably white paper of A4 standard size; however the size of invoice can be larger or smaller as per the requirement of the invoice or the number of products being printed on it. On the top is the name of the shop/ mall/ company from where you are buying goods, their address and other contact details printed. Preceding this are the tables printed which have columns in most cases, which include serial number, product title or detail, rate of product, and amount of the product you purchased. At the end of such a table, there generally is a row entitled as ‘TOTAL AMOUNT’ where the total calculated bill of your purchase is mentioned. After that the signature of the cashier or stamp is applied, when you have paid the bill of your purchases.

In some cases, there might be two product invoices, one will be signed by the customer and kept with the shop/mall for their own record and the other invoice is to be given to the customer for their record. Product invoices are very important as they are a proof of business between two parties. Moreover these are also important as some companies only claim the warranty of products if you present the product invoice as a proof of your purchase.

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