Yearly Project Progress Template

Are you going to running projects and looking for an effective way to monitor progress then here is a Yearly Project Progress Template that can assist you in this very task. This template allows you to monitor project progress on various phases and put estimated or actual completion dates. You can specify project name and start date on the top of this sheet template. The first column is there to list down key phases or milestones while the second column is to specify person or department responsible for that task. Remaining columns specify each and every month of the year to help you track progress. You can mention dates and/or legends to identify tasks status in the given month.

Keeping an eye on the progress of working of a project and constantly analyzing where things are going to slow down or what is causing the delay in the development is an essential element for the growth of your company or to achieve goodwill in the market. Monitoring and evaluation is the basic ingredients of a successful business and you can’t expect something good from your staff if there is no supervisor above them who informs them about their mistakes and keep them on the right track. Monitoring is the best answer if you want to overcome your problems, issues and want to learn from your mistakes. As a team, it’s easier to find a problem or cause of delay in a project and if there is a monitoring process implemented, it’s much easier to track that problem. Monitoring eventually helps the employees to learn from their seniors and avoid making the same mistakes which they already did.

Here is preview of this  Yearly Project Progress Template,
Yearly Project Progress Template

Monitoring is actually the systematic gathering the date and turning it into useful information by analyzing it. It’s very important to clear that out here that monitoring is not evaluating but a major part of the evaluation process so it’s critical to include the monitoring process from the start of the project. Short term projects doesn’t need any special or extra monitoring but when it comes to long term projects or high profile tasks, you have to monitor all the processes more frequently and carefully. For example you can’t hire the same monitoring team for a single house that you hired for the entire building. Before you conduct any monitoring process, you need to make some ground rules so that you stay on track and don’t lose any time or money in the monitoring process.

Useful tips to monitor a project progress on yearly basis:

  • First of all, you have to make it clear in your mind that what’s the key purpose of your monitoring and what you are expecting out of it. Some managers use it only to keep an eye on workers where others use it to analyze the performance of individuals. Some also use monitoring for decreasing the expenses of a company and to find the possible ways to increase the output.
  • Then you want to make sure what you want to monitor. A project has dozens of parts and various stages and it’s certainly isn’t the same if you want to monitor two stages or the whole project. When you are monitoring a project to compile a yearly progress report, it’s totally different in all perspectives and you have to define it before conducting the monitoring process.
  • Then you need to define what kind of monitoring you want to conduct. For example you can hire an entire team for this purpose or you just tell the employees to make their own evaluation reports and submit then to the supervisor who later examines all of them and approves those which he thinks have made the right report about themselves.
  • Also you need to allocate the budget for the monitoring purposes. If your company doesn’t have any money or can’t afford a full monitoring process, you just can’t afford to start one. You have to divide the available budget into smaller parts and then find out how many monitoring procedures you can conduct throughout the year or you just have the money to monitor once in a year. 

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