Service Invoice Template (MS Excel)

Here is a Service Invoice Template created using MS Excel. This invoice template is very good and perfectly suited for services based businesses. This excel template is good to those familiar with MS Excel more than MS Word. There are several invoice templates in MS Word here in this site hence here goes the Excel Template as well.

A bill sent to the purchaser by a seller is known as an invoice. The invoice forms an account receivable as it creates a responsibility on the part of the purchaser to pay.

Service Invoice Template using MS Excel

The service invoice is an invoice that is mostly related to non-professional services, such as consulting, contracting, janitorial, architectural, or any small business that involves a specialized service. The invoice allows you to keep record of services rendered for your clients and also the payment status.

The service invoice is especially useful if you run a small business because a completely equipped invoicing system may be too complex for you to handle. In such cases, a simple yet easy-to-use service invoice is the best thing for your billing requirements.

Here is preview of this Service Invoice Template created using MS Excel,

Service Invoice Template

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Service Invoice Format Guidelines

In order to flourish your small business, you need to write a professional looking service invoice. Although the information that needs to be included in a service invoice differs depending on the particular services one performs. However, there are a number of service invoices that comprises of the following important parts:

  • Your company name: It should be at the top center. However, in case you are working independently and have no formal company of your own then you needs to write your legal name.
  • Your address: Write it just below your company name or your name. It includes your company address or your residential address. This information is essential to include in case you will receive your payment through the postal service.
  • Your contact number: Write your company phone number if you are working through it. However, if you are working individually, then write your phone number.
  • Your email address: If you get paid through any online service, such as PayPal, then you need to include your valid email address.
  • Invoice number: Write it on the upper right hand corner, just below the contact details.
  • Date: Write it below the invoice number. It is preferable to write the numerical date and in the year/month/day format for easy access, e.g. 2013/07/24.
  • Billing Period: Write it below the date in case you are providing services throughout the month.
  • Due Date: Write it below the billing period. Although due dates are of approximately 30 days after the invoice date, however it will differ depending on the contract you have with your client.
  • Client’s information: Write your client’s details in the upper left hand corner, just below your or your company’s contact details and across from your invoice number and dates.
  • Services: List each service (e.g. Consulting, Repairing, Installation, etc.) you rendered for your clients within the billing period.
  • Date of completion of each service: Write it in a separate column, next to the particular service.
  • Payment information: Include the columns of Rates, Hours, and Amount in order to write payment details for each service rendered.
  • Total amount: Write your invoice total amount, owed to you, at the bottom of the invoice, below the list of services rendered.

Writing service invoice allows you to be more professional in your work as well as it helps in keeping record of services you provide to your clients.


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