Blank Name Badge Template

Name Badges are very important for official meetings specially if all the participants are not well aware of each other. Identification of participants is very crucial for serious nature meetings and having high profile participants from different organizations or departments. Displaying a good and professional looking name badge also help others to quickly recall your name & designation no matter how many people they already met with. Similarly, it also helps you avoid repeating your name and designation to one after another guest or participant. Similarly, it also helps the meeting organizers to quickly identify members of the meeting and can easily record minutes of the meeting without consulting with other members to recognize the speaker. However while designing name badges, it is really important that names and designations must be very prominent and visible even from a far distance. Moreover, a company logo should also be placed there as it helps reading the name & designation within their company’s context.

These name badges have special importance for the meetings where these give a ready introduction in brief and get the people talking. They are made in big size worn around neck with a colorful ribbon. They use color codes for identification of categories of participants. Names are written in bold letters to be visible from distance. It has enough space to accommodate some insignia and decorative border around.

Here is preview of this Blank Name Badge Template,

Blank Name Badge Template

Similarly, private commercial organisations inserted the insignia at one end, and then the name of the organisation and over it the name of the employee is inscribed in beautiful writing. Initially they were worn with the help of a button through the hole in the latch. Then the plastic plates required safety pin. Now printed beautifully on very nice synthetic material, these badges are stuck to the dress with magic tape holding firmly and without any fuss. In the forces, these badges are permanently sewn on the dress without any risk of spoiling. It can endure anything like heat of the sun, dust and water.

Name badges manufacturing has taken the shape of an industry. Computer technology has made it very convenient and rich in designs, composing has become easy and production much faster. Many vendors have entered the trade creating a healthy competition providing variety of such badges with unique designs. Lot of ingenuity has been put in and every designer has his own to charm the organizations.

Whereas these badges have served a useful purpose, they have provided lot of business to the people and a respectable way to earn the living. These badges add beauty and colour to the dress and a formal or casual look to the occasion as well.

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