Weekly To Do List Template

It is said that to be efficient and time savvy, it is very important that one must plan beforehand and be well prepared for the days to come ahead. Of course, whatever power a human has, he exercises upon himself by making things that would prepare him for the future. He makes plans, meetings and arranges various things all by himself. To accomplish such a feat, he needs some tools and some resources that he can use to help in his planning and achievement of goals and tasks. One of these tools is a ‘weekly to do list’. a weekly to do list can be defined as a list of things that an individual makes to help him know what tasks are to be achieved in the week and what needs to be done. It is usually made for organizing and planning purposes and is helpful in preparing the individual for the week ahead.

It should be noted that making a weekly to do list is an important feat which can help you for the week ahead. Knowing what you have to do and how to do along with when to do it would build focus and mentally prepare you to achieve the various tasks in the coming week. Making and drafting a ‘weekly to do list’ shouldn’t be taken lightly and it is advised that one must at least give it 30 to 40 mins. These 30 to 40 mins need to be fully dedicated for the making of the list and need to be without any disturbance or any noise, to help you plan ahead for the future. To make the ‘to do list’ organized and prevent it from being messy, it is best that the list be divided in days and those days should further be divided into times and etc. This would provide you with enhanced focus and streamline the activities. To make you to do list even efficient, make use of different colored pens. Use one to highlight the urgent and the important tasks of the week and the other can be used to differentiate between the urgent and the non-urgent tasks. If you’re up to it, make use of another pen to check or tick mark the tasks you have managed to achieved. Since you are planning ahead for a week, it is best that some space be left at the end which is dedicated for notes. This space will allow you to write any notes regarding any task to further simplify the task or to help you remember it.

Always leave some space for tick marking the task upon achievement. Never ever scratch off an item of the list. Although it does provide the necessary satisfaction, it would just give the whole list a messy and disorganized look. If you’re technology savvy, then you can always use your hand held device or your smart phone to make a list. Using technology is much more efficient and time saving but it depends on what is more comfortable for you.

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Weekly To Do List Template

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