Daily To Do List Template

We live in a busy world where there is a never ending lists of tasks, chores and errands that need to be completed. So much so, the list is so long and exhausting, that many of us forget one or two tasks that had to be completed. Of course, we are limited mentally and cannot memorize the whole list every day, we are bound to forget. We are obviously only humans. To battle this problem, an old and a very effective method has been there. To make a daily to do list. A to do list can be define as a list which comprises of various tasks and things that need to be done on a daily basis. This list is made on a regular basis and on completion of each and every task, a check mark or a tick mark is made to indicate completion of tasks. Making a daily to do list helps in achieving the agenda and the errands on a regular basis and also helps a lot in time management and saving. For many of us, twenty four hours are really less to complete each and every thing and each minute is crucial. To do lists are a live saver for busy and occupied people.

A daily to do list should be made a day before. That is, if you are to draft a to do list for Wednesday, it is best that the list be drafted on Tuesday night this is because you are already planning for the day ahead and if by chance you forget to mention anything, it can be mentioned or noted down in the morning as well. If one has the time and the mental peace in mornings, then the ‘To do list’ be made in the morning. Many people who are time constrained incorporate timings with each and every task as well. This helps them to not only have a whole list of tasks in front of them, but also a time schedule as well. When making a ‘To do list’ it is best that there be some kind of order or flow in the list, this is because a haphazard ‘to do list’ would just be a strain and a burden and won’t be of any help in achieving the desired purpose. The flow or continuity can be in the form of time, relativity between each task and even location as well. A handy tip when making a ‘To do list’ is to close your eyes and then think of all the places you need to be and then accordingly make a list. Always leave some space for tick marking the task upon achievement. Never ever scratch off an item of the list. Although it does provide the necessary satisfaction, it would just give the whole list a messy and disorganized look. If you’re technology savvy, then you can always use your hand held device or your smart phone to make a list. Using technology is much more efficient and time saving!

Here is preview of a free Printable Daily To Do List Template created using MS Excel,

Daily To Do List Template

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