Entry Level Web Developer Resume

An entry level Web Developer has advanced skills about computer, programming and graphic design. A Web Developer plays role for designing, coding, and modifying websites according to the client’s specification. They perform all tasks from designing layout to the function of a website. They make every effort to create a website that is visually appealing, presents user friendly features and design, and provide clear navigation to the site visitors. These professionals usually require an associate bachelor’s degree (such as Associate of Applied Science in Web Graphic Design) along with strong understanding of programming languages and graphics software. Once a website is created, a Web Developer helps the client with maintenance, troubleshooting, and additions of features to a website. They do not work alone but with a development team or manager in order to keep the site up to date. They give priority to the client’s demand and satisfaction level among other tasks. Overall the basic tasks a Web Developer has to perform include (but are not limited to) writing and editing website contents, designing appealing webpage layouts, determine technical requirements for maintenance and troubleshooting issues, keeping the website updated for site users, creating backup files of website scripts, and solving code problem to make it work properly.

To create an entry level Web Developer resume, you must be familiar with the basic requirements of a Web Developer career that you need to possess and include in your professional portfolio and resume. You need to write all the fundamental design and technical aspects of creating website along with skills and abilities in your resume. Common requirements include image designing, basic web design, multimedia design, content management, video and audio editing, webpage scripting, and multimedia programming and technology.

Here is a Free Sample Entry Level Web Developer Resume created using MS Word,

Entry Level Web Developer Resume

Some people may find it a mind-numbing career choice for it is a tough and struggling career to start with. It can be a frustrating task to find out an entry level work opportunity with an entry level resume created specifically for a company. With the rising demands and advancement of information technology and internet, every job ad relevant to internet requires more experience and the expertise on tools that seem we have never worked with. Growing competition level from overseas and more experienced professionals can make it more difficult to find a right opportunity for entrants. In the beginning or entry level of this career, the amount of salary hardly enables you to pay back student loans. However, there can be a lot of things that you can do with your resume to win a job for you. The more you show about your skills and abilities to prove your proficiencies, the more chances of entering the job market by winning the opportunity.

Your resume can make you stand in a crowd!

The hiring people will switch easily to the next one by dropping your resume on a corner of table if they have to struggle to find what they want. Keeping the job listing or ad in front of you, make all the specifications clear in mind to match it with the requirement of employer. Make sure to emphasize the skills and experience that you possess and the employer is looking for. The major issue found in most of cases is wrong alignment between people skills and employer’s requirements.

Showcase maximum of but true skills and qualifications on entry level Web Developer resume, so that you can get quick and considerable attention of employer. Add information about your upgraded skills, and knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5. CSS, CSS3, web programming, E-Commerce, cross browser compatibility, Web User Interface Design (UI), security principles, object oriented or targeted design, web services (REST/SOAP), multimedia content development, and API’s. In addition the teamwork, potential to work under pressure, and verbal and written communication skills will definitely add your value on resume.

Here is download link for the above shown Entry Level Web Developer Resume,

Download Entry Level Web Developer Resume

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