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An Enrollment Counselor is hired by educational institutes where they assist the director of admissions across different functions of student recruitment. They are primarily responsible to seek out prospective students for a collage or university. They basically interview them, and provide support and information through the process of admission and enrollment. For admission guidance, they meet the prospective students individually or in group, and discuss admission requirements to explain the full process. They organize and attend community invitational events and collage fairs, and coordinate minority outreach programs for students on and off the campus so that they can advertise and convey the information of collage or university they are representing. These professionals maintain open lines of communication with high schools and private education counselors. Sometimes they have to work under pressure, travel to particular destinations, and work some nights and weekends.

Enrollment Counselor basically requires a bachelor’s degree, but it is highly recommended to hold a master’s degree supplemented with one (1) year of related experience for better career opportunity. Employers prefer specialist degree in the fields of business administration, public relations, or communications while hiring an Enrollment Counselor.

Keep all the job responsibilities and career requirements of an Enrollment Counselor in view while writing resume for this position. Some examples of career objective statement for Enrollment Counselor resume to grab attention of potential employer are as below:

“To obtain a position as an Enrollment Counselor with an established institution that can utilize my excellent management and counseling skills to see students are admitted in selected educational establishment”


“To work as an Enrollment Counselor with (institute name) employing my knowledge of recruitment students at a post-graduate level”


“Desire a position as an Enrollment Counselor with (institute name) by offering keen students assessment skills and the ability to enroll students by guiding them through the institute’s processes”

Add summary of skills, professional experience, and educational background; you can arrange these sections like mentioned here. Through reading your resume, potential employer should be able to reveal all of your knowledge, skills, abilities and professional characteristics required for Enrollment Counselor position. Describe that you have knowledge of admission terminology and tests, interpersonal and human relations skills, verbal and written communication skills, planning and organizational skills, basic research skills, and ability to maintain schedules. Your resume should showcase your experience and abilities to learn and apply institutional policies and procedures quickly. Show your employer through resume that you have ability to demonstrate self directions and motivation.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Enrollment Counselor Resume created using MS Word,

Enrollment Counselor Resume

If you are going to switch career to Enrollment Counselor, you do not need to mention full of your career history that is not relevant to this particular job position. In this case, you should highlight only the relevant skills, abilities and qualifications that are required to match the job specification. There is no need to mention frequent career intervals in resume; it leaves a bad impression in any way. You can add references section at the end just to increase weight of your resume. However, references are provided only in case if requested by potential employer.

Enrollment Counselor resume should be an honest and accurate indication of your qualification, education, and work experience. However it should be written specifically for the position which you are applying. If you had experience in the similar area of specialty, this factor deserves a place of importance on your resume. Bring the description of a position on front you had held most closely to the position of Enrollment counselor with its job responsibilities. It will strengthen the impression of your resume to get quick consideration of potential employer.

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