Basic Meeting Agenda Template (Simple and Profesional)

Here is a good looking Basic Meeting Agenda Template that can easily be used to conduct simple meetings with two or more participants. This is a basic version of meeting agenda so that this task shouldn’t be complicated at all. Anyone with basic PC know-how can easily edit it and come up with his very own professional looking meeting agenda.

Keep your Meeting Agenda Simple.

Basic Meeting Agenda is the meeting plan that summaries what important points need to discuss in the meeting and in which order. This is also a format or way in which people can write their issues and tasks to do in a meeting. In other words, it is the basic part of a conference or meeting. And it is an open discussion about the certain topic. Even if you call face to face meetings, there must be a Basic Agenda in black & white.

Basically, format of Meeting Agenda can describe how you can prepare an agenda. What layout it should have while being drafted? Preparing a formal meeting agenda involves narrating overall objectives of the meeting in an easy to understand format. You can even plan it according to your need and requirements. Meeting agenda is usually prepared with the help of Microsoft Word hence you can change the color and their font style as well.

Basic Meeting Agenda – MS Word Template

Here is preview of this Meeting Agenda Template created using MS Word,

Meeting Agenda

Here is download link for this template,

Download Meeting Agenda

In Basic Meeting Agenda, you have to mention time, date and venue where meeting will held on a top head section.  Secondly, you should consider providing a write-able space for your audience to take notes. It is also unavoidable to mention name of person conducting this meeting on a prominent place. The notes section shall provide enough space for taking comprehensive notes. Attendance is very crucial for a good Agenda so it should be recorded. Keep track of how many persons you invited in that meeting and how many persons attended the meeting.

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