Check Requisition Template

Here is a good looking Check Requisition Template that can be used to create professional documents for managing requisition from customer regarding check. This word template is really handy to be used when needed and is comprehensively designed. You will not have to look any further for a better template. This Check Requisition Template allows you to input department, requested by, contact details and also the referred contract number for verification process. Also, you can mention as how you want to get check for instance, to whom it should be payable to (you can also mention name & address if applicable). You can also specify special instructions of any further note to your customer related to this payment if and only if its required.

How many times you have gone through a check requisition process? Actually, it is used where there is a little space in the invoice. And, the account coding is written on this invoice. Also, it is used in reimbursement process of an expense, which is paid for by the member of staff. At least five working days are required for an account payable to the process the payment.

Here is preview of this Check Requisition Template,

Check Requisition Template

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Download Check Requisition Template

In the rest of the article you will be able to read about how to fill out a check requisition form. One should know that there are ten important fields that need to be kept along while filling out this form. The lists of ten fields are given in the following.

Let’s begin with SU ID number. You will go through Seattle University ID number. This is particularly important in a sense that if you want your reimbursement to be straight deposited to your bank account. Then, there will be a date option. Make sure that you will enter the current date.

The third is amount. Your check should state the exact amount. This is clear that your amount will be directly brought to the date if you complete your PDF form on your computer. Payee is another important field which one needs to be filled out carefully. To fulfill this process you write the full name of the company or the individual to be paid. In others, do not leave the address field untouched. Providing a complete address is much important as far as the check requisition form is concerned.

Let’s talk about accounting distribution. Fund, account and the department are of its three sections that one requires to fill them. Suppose they are incomplete or inaccurate. It is important to note that if your check is advanced, then leave this blank. There must be an agreement between the total amount and the amount of the check. In the field ‘reason’ write in short words the reason of requesting the payment.

What makes heading in the check. Suppose, if you are mailing the check, then the address should be marked clearly. Fill out all the necessary fields in the check. Your payment process should be within five working days. It is another issue that the employees may not show their approval for his or her reimbursement. A senior employee who is submitting the reimbursement should review and approve the check. There must be an authorized signor who approves it. No junior employee is able to sign off the reimbursement request.

It is needless to say that check requisitions must be approved by the sponsor projects or office of research services either in part or in full. If you are still not cleared about this, then please contact ORSSP to have further clarifications about your check requisitions.

In conclusion, one must sure that all the necessary fields to check requisitions are filled out properly. For a proper reimbursement process, one needs to know the importance of the essential fields of the check.

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