Shipping Label Template

Here is another great word template. It is Shipping Label Template that can help management staff to quickly print shipping labels for their customers. Shipping Labels are required to be printed for business customers when you have to deliver products to them. Such labels are required to be prominent, complete and clear in order for the delivery service to deliver it at the required address. This Shipping Label Template can be very handy for anyone dealing with shipments on frequent basis.

A shipping label is a recognition label or an identification label that is attached to a container or parcel which shows contents of the shipping container. However, in case the merchandise is to be inspected by the authorities, the shipping label should also have that specific information regarding the inspection. On the other hand, a mail carrier uses a shipping label to enlist the destination addresses of letters and parcels.

Shipping labels are of great importance in merchandizing field since all suppliers, sellers, dealers, and traders want to have their products’ or manufactured goods’ containers labeled properly and accurately for their buyers and customers. These labels are used for special handling instructions about the content of the package as well as the order information.

Shipping labels can be created online. There are a number of websites that provide facility to create a shipping label. The good thing about these online labels is the you can keep track of  your shipments, can view details about them, you can reprint labels, void labels, print extra labels, or print a packing slip by using the option given in that particular website.

Here is preview of this Shipping Label Template,

Shipping Label Template

When using online shipping labels, all you need to do is to type your name and address, select the delivery service that will be used and in the end, you need to type the address of the receiver (whether person or a company) of the parcel. This also allows the suppliers to satisfy their customer needs in such a way that it includes PO numbers, part numbers, as well as descriptions and analogous barcodes to scan into their receiving section.

However, if you want to create your own shipping label, then you can do this easily in MS Word. Although different shipping labels contain different information on it, depending on the contents of the merchandise, however, the shipping label generally include the sections, which are as follows:

  • Create a section with a heading “From”. In this section, include your name, your complete address, and your second line address, if needed. Also you need to add city, state, country and zip code in this section.
  • Now create another section with a heading “To”. In this section, include a recipient’s name, his/her address, city, state, country, and the zip code.
  • Below this, include the heading of “Special Shipping Instructions”. You may write any instruction that is particularly related to the package or parcel.
  • Also at the top right corner of the page, give a heading of “Delivery Service”. In this section, you can write about service through which the parcel or package will be going to be delivered. For example, Priority Mail, Parcel Post, First Class, UPS Ground, Media Mail/Book Rate, or you can leave this section blank.
  • Also include the date on which the package or parcel is going to be sent towards its destination.

These sections not only provide useful information about the package to the custom checking authorities but also help the receiver of the package to identify and confirm the contents of the package.

Here is download link,

Download Shipping Label Template

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