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Delivery Receipt is an important document that is signed by receiver after receiving a shipment to serve as a proof that the shipped items are actually received by right person. Almost all business organizations prefer to transport their valuable items via mail or post as parcel and in order to satisfy them about the right delivery of goods, the mail and postal services often issue a delivery receipt. This slip is usually contains details and destination of goods and signature of recipient. Delivery receipt is a postal document that is necessary to ensure the safe delivery of valuable items. This receipt is used by almost all business organizations in order to gain the trust of customers because customers know that they can claim their items in case of any damage, misuse or wrong delivery.

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Delivery Receipt Template

Important Elements of a Delivery Receipt

Delivery receipt is an important document for your business therefore it should be designed carefully without any potential error. It can be served as promotional tool for your business therefore it is necessary to include following contents in the delivery receipt:

  • Start your delivery receipt with your business details such as name of the business, contact addresses, contact numbers and logo of your organization. It is necessary so that your customer can contact you any time.
  • Carefully design the header of your delivery receipt because it should contain account number of customer, reference number, city of origin, destination, sales tax invoice number etc. Do not forget to include weight and quantity of items for your own convenience.
  • Delivery receipt should include name of shipper and consignee with their telephone and fax numbers so that you can contact them in case of any problem.
  • Include details of your services such as over night, holiday, same day, other day etc. It is necessary to write the mode of payment for the convenience of shipper.
  • You can write terms and conditions of your services for the convenience of customer and to protect yourself from any potential problems in near future.
  • It will be good to use back panel of the delivery receipt to write your terms and conditions regarding delivery and damage of goods.
  • Designate a specific place for the signature of the shipper with few lines of acknowledgment that all terms and conditions are carefully read by the shipper and he/she has no problem with them.
  • You can make a table with different rows and columns in the body of delivery receipt according to the nature of your services.
  • In order to promote your business, you can include contact addresses of different areas in which your service is available. It can increase number of your customers without any extra effort.

Always design two copies of delivery receipt to keep one in your own record and to send second one to concerned person. Do not forget to designate a specific reference number to each invoice for your own convenience.

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