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Every business requires to send Quotations to its customers and hence require a professionally designed Sales Quotation to quickly generate it. Here is a Sales Quotation Template that can help you in this very task. This Quotation Template is created using MS Word so that anyone can easily edit and use it without purchasing any other software. This is a simple yet professional Quotation Format that allows to quickly prepare and send Sales Quotations without worrying too much about its format and standards.

A sales quotation is an official promise statement, which is mostly issued after receiving the request for sales quotation, by the potential supplier or seller in order to supply or provide the products or services needed by a buyer or purchaser, at particular prices, and within a particular time period. It may also have terms of sale and payment as well as warranties. Once the quotation is accepted by the buyer, it forms a contract, obligatory on both parties.

Sales quotations entail products and services from the suppliers or sellers. They are derived from the catalog prices and costs of the suppliers. These quotations make it easy to incorporate with a number of suppliers and access easily, real time access to pricing, promotion, rebate and other product contents.

The main advantage of sales quotations is that it helps in assuring the business partners that you will deliver a particular product configuration and quantity at a particular time and with a given or settled price. These quotations can either be rejected or can be accepted and transferred into a sales order.

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Sales Quotation Template

Generally, a sale quotation includes the information, such as an internal reference for the quotation or order, the sales point that the order will be delivered from, the order date, and the price list for the current sales order. There is also a customer reference space in the header of the quotation, which can be left empty if the customer does not supply one.

The sales quotation also contains the following fields that need to be filled correctly:

  • Ordering contact: Add the details of the person handling the order at the customer end.
  • Delivery address: Include the address used on the delivery order.
  • Invoice address: Also include the address used to send the invoice to the customer.
  • Pricelist: It helps in determining both the currency of the quotation and the price of the each product.
  • Payment term: It indicates the payment method that the customer will need to follow, e.g. 30 Days End of the Month.
  • Real stock: This is the physical present of the stock in a warehouse. Although different shops can be interrelated to different warehouses, it gives different stock levels. However it can be used by the same warehouse.
  • Virtual stock: It indicates the quantity of the product a sales person can be sold, taking into consideration both stock kept for other orders and the number of products planned to reach the destination in the short term.
  • Public price: It is the essential sales price for the particular good, which gives a foundation for the sales person to be able to judge whether to offer a discount to the customer and how much the discount should be.
  • Cost price: It indicates the cost price of the good. If the sales person sells a good at less than this amount, the company incurs a loss.

It is also important to know that there are a number of sales functions and special quotation functions that the sales employee uses during sales order processing.

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