Employee of the Year Award Template

For the success of a company it is important to have loyal employees and for the loyalty of employees it is important to be happy with you and your company or organization. To make your employees happy it is important to set some reward systems for them. Employee of the year award is the part of such systems. Another reason for employee of the year award is to distinguish potential and hardworking employees and to recognize their skills and performance for their encouragement and for the motivation of other employees. Each company or organization that wants to distinguish employee of the year should have an annual performance appraisal system in order to check the abilities, performance, attendance and loyalty of all employees.

Management of many organizations or companies thinks that having an employee appraisal system like employee of the year cost them a lot. In fact employee of the year award has a number of benefits and low cost. Employees never ask their management to give them a big sum of money as a bonus. Management can simply give them a certificate with a few hundred dollars that they can afford easily and appreciate them in front of other employees.

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Employee of the Year Award Template

Selection Criteria of Employee of the year

An employee of the year is the person, who has performed an outstanding performance throughout the year and has shown his/her best efforts in the development and success of the company. The award has its own selection criteria that cover a number of categories. It is important for an employee of the year to meet the following requirements.

  • The employee should be punctual, regular and should follow the proper timings of office.
  • Avoid taking leave for different reasons like sick leave, urgent work leave etc.
  • The employee should follow the ethics and policies of the organization or company.
  • The employee should show devotion and should try to create a friendly work environment.
  • The employee should complete all the assigned tasks on time and should avoid making changes in their assignments personally or in other words should always try to follow the instructions of the manager or supervisor.
  • The employee should show a positive attitude and should try to be productive any time.

It is possible that in some other organizations in the selection criteria has some additional points that are usually written clearly in their policy.

The purpose and advantages of employee of the year award

The purpose of this award is to improve the work quality, inter organization relations, punctuality and to increase productivity. It is obvious when you praise anyone for their good deeds and efforts they become motivated and try to invest more time and abilities in their work. In the same way when other people see them receiving praise and appreciation they also start concentrating on their work to get the same award and appreciation. The advantages are too many as everyone wants to get an appreciation for their work and hence everyone then performing best and the company automatically enjoy the profit, success and good will.

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